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The Poles abandoned Majwka? Surprising data from hotels. “The outlook is weak and worsening.”

The Poles abandoned Majwka?  Surprising data from hotels.  “The outlook is weak and worsening.”

The Chamber of Commerce of the Polish hotel industry analyzed data on hotel reservations. They have shown that Poles are still renting rooms to a much lower degree than they did before the pandemic. The level of booking that hoteliers consider satisfactory – more than 50%. – at Walks They only got 40 percent. outlets.

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The Poles won’t go out for a walk?

IGHP Secretary General Marcin Mączyński confirmed that data on accepted reservations for the next three months remains pessimistic. He pointed out that “the expectations are weak and worsen with each passing month.” He also explained that 75 per cent. And hotels recorded the level of bookings for the next two months at only 30 percent.

What about the picnic? As Mączyński notes, “the traditional long weekend in May didn’t convince guests to book early.”

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Hotel prices are going up

The IGHP data leaves no doubt regarding the price increase. The need for hotels to raise them results from the dynamically increasing costs of goods and services, including, in particular, gas and energy prices. ElectricityAs well as salaries. Another factor is the situation outside Poland’s eastern borders.

Among the reasons for the increase in prices, hoteliers point to high taxes. According to IGHP data, the average increase in honors recorded by hotels at the beginning of the year was 11%. By 10 percent hotels tax It stayed at the same level as last year. On the other hand, up to 25 percent. Objects, the tax increase is 15 percent. and more. The most numerous group (55%) was hotels, which indicated an increase in the range from 4-10%.

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Weekend in May 2022. Any chance of a long weekend?

In 2022, May 1st (Labor Day) falls on a Sunday. May 3 (Constitution Day May 3) will be a Tuesday. One day off will allow us to have a long weekend (May 1-4), and four days off will allow us to have a long weekend (May 1-8).

Unlike last year, there is no additional day off for work holiday. According to the regulations, each holiday that occurs in the settlement period and falls on a day other than Sunday reduces working time by 8 hours.

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