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The Poles love this coffee the most. But is this a healthy combination? – Health Wprost

The Poles love this coffee the most.  But is this a healthy combination?  - Health Wprost

30-year-olds drink the most coffee – up to 5 and more each day, while the youngest – aged 18-29 – drink the least. It turned out that the Poles prefer coffee with milk (61.3%), and 47.6%. Black coffee is preferred. At the same time, every fourth coffee drinker arrives at a sugary drink or syrup with a sweet flavor. Prefer bitter coffee without any additives by 22 percent. Participants – This is the result of a survey conducted by the BioStat Research and Development Center in collaboration with the WP abcZdrowie website.

What are unhealthy coffee additives?

A lot has been said lately about the health benefits of coffee. Experts state that a safe daily dose is 3-5 cups, although it depends on the individual’s tolerance to caffeine.

Dr. N. However, Luiza Napiórkowska, diabetologist, endocrinologist and internist, in an interview with WP abc Zdrowie, points out that coffee with milk, cream, sugar or syrup is a drink that should be considered as a meal. It contains calories, so it activates the digestive system, including the pancreas and intestines.

Coffee and biscuits? But then training!

The survey also showed that 42.2 percent. Of the respondents, they drink coffee, consume sweets and sweets at the same time, of them 7.1% – often or always, and 35.1 percent. – mostly. According to the specialist, it is not usually the best for health.

Coffee with milk and cake is the meal that weighs on the pancreas, and our pancreas is overburdened anyway. More and more young people are suffering from carbohydrate disorders in the form of insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, and this is the result of many overlapping factors – explains Dr. Napiórkowska. For coffee lovers, she recommends eating something that will lower glucose levels beforehand, such as kefir or green vegetables. Another way? After coffee with a sweet additive, it is better to move, because physical activity will burn extra glucose.

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