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The Polish record was broken in the Suwa³ki. The amazing run of Czykier Athletics

The Polish record was broken in the Suwa³ki.  The amazing run of Czykier Athletics

Until Saturday afternoon, the Polish record in the 110-meter hurdles belonged to Arthur LegsWhich in 2013 reached a time of 13.26 seconds. The best Polish hurdles player in recent years, Damien Cekir, has been “chasing” this result for a long time and finally achieved his goal in the Polish championship in Suwałki.

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Damien Szeker, who holds the Polish record for 110 meters over the hurdles

A few days ago, he was 29 years old Sizecare He did a very good time of 13.35 seconds at the Janusz Kosinski memorial. On Saturday in Suwa³ki he presented himself better and achieved his double goal in the Polish championship – becoming the national champion and breaking the Polish record. I did it in hundredths of a second, for 13.25 seconds.

Second place, with a time of 13.50 seconds, was taken by Jakub Szymanski, while Jakub Bojak (13.96 seconds) came third.

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Interestingly, Damien Szecker broke the 23-year-old Polish record in the indoor 60-meter hurdles in February. On Saturday, in turn, as he himself admitted on TVP Sport, he could have made a better time, but the race with his participation did not start until the third attempt, when he had the best start the first time. However, the population of Bialystok is very high, which is a good sign ahead of the World Cup, which will be held next month in the United States.

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On Saturday she also had a very good result in the 100m hurdles Pia Skrzyszowska, Which with a time of 12.62 seconds broke her life record. It was also the fastest race of the year in Europe at this distance.

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