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The Polish “successor to Cristiano Ronaldo” began his football career. Wonderful moment. 34 million will be displayed by the Polish national team

The Polish "successor to Cristiano Ronaldo" began his football career.  Wonderful moment.  34 million will be displayed by the Polish national team

On Monday, we got acquainted with the list of players appointed not only to the Polish national team, but also to the under-21 team. These are the first appointments for this team’s new coach, Mishaw Probers. It is also popular, especially because of one name – Dawid Hanca from Chrobry Głogów.

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Pin for freaks. “I was going to be the biggest star there once. But I got over him”

Michniewicz revealed the content of the latest news from Lewandowski. “It won’t change anything anymore.”

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s young successor” in the youth team

Although only this season Hanc could show himself to a wider audience as Chrobry Głogów, appearing in Fortuna 1. leagueMany of his fans have already heard of him. That was 10 years ago. All thanks to the YouTube movie, which was a huge hit on the network. The movie is titled “The Young Successor of Cristiano” Ronaldo Dawid Hanc 10 Years”. This is a 3.5 minute compilation of the tricks and dribbling of a young footballer. This clip has been viewed over 34 million times. Now that Hancu is loud again, that number could be even greater.

For years, netizens have been searching for information on how the “backward” evolved. Cristiano Ronaldo“Until signing the contract with Chrobry, he did not go beyond the level of the third Polish league. He played in Zagłębie Lubin’s reserve. However, he kept his feet on the ground and constantly pursued his goal. Not necessarily the successor to Ronaldo, who at his age scored goals for Manchester United, he claims, The movie didn’t seem to interfere with his career.

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– To this day, I am shocked that this video was so successful. If I could go back in time, at the time the video was posted, I’d hit publish anyway. I will not change this decision. Because a lot of great things happened thanks to this group. Contrary to appearances, I experienced more positive attitudes and comments after the film was released – he said in an interview with Al Bawaba “it is in! In 2021, he is still a Zagłębie reserve player.

Grzegorz Krychowiak during the World Cup qualifier match between Poland and EnglandPoland does not have to play against Chile at all. Three variables. “I spoke to the secretary.”

– in a piece of nonna You have to be patient and persevere. Something will go wrong? It’s hard, it’s happening, you have to keep going and do what you want. I have inner confidence that what I’m doing is right and will benefit me later. I work hard on my shortcomings, I believe in myself and I am convinced that if I get a chance from the coaches to play at a higher level, I will do everything not to waste it. I’m working on it for a chance to appear on Ekstraklasa. I want to play football professionally, I have arranged everything for this sport. I think it will pay off in the future. I do not want to announce that in a few years I will play in Ekstraklasa or in foreign leagues, because I do not know what the future holds. You have to be lucky in football and you also have to be healthy – he added.

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