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The Polish System: Health Generalities and the Unknown – Puls Biznesu

The Polish System: Health Generalities and the Unknown - Puls Biznesu

The most realistic, but also the most painful announcement about health protection made in Polish Lada is the announcement of a revolution in health insurance premiums.

In 2023, spending on healthcare is expected to increase to 6%. GDP, after four years it will reach 7%. GDP – Politicians in the Law and Justice Party announced on Saturday, presenting the assumptions of the Polish deal program. This is a slight acceleration, because in the Public Funded Health Care Services Act, amended in August 2018 – after negotiations with residents – the 6 percent level was reported. We will achieve it in 2024. Experts are critical of the ruling party’s plans.

7 percent GDP for health for six years is a very modest assumption. Especially if this goal collides with the huge challenges of health debts that have arisen during the pandemic due to restrictions on access to medical facilities and treatment delays – says Joanna Sezeman, NEO Hospitals Group President and Vice President of Upper Finance.

Even before the pandemic, he adds, the level of per capita spending puts us at the bottom of the European Union. While in Poland it was about 830 euros, the average of the European Union exceeded 2.98 thousand. euro. It was also not better in terms of GDP percentage. While in Polish Lada there is talk of a phased approach to the 6% level, the average healthcare spending in the European Union before the pandemic was 9.97%. gross domestic product.

Specific questions:

Healthcare plans in the document are presented in words only, thus raising many questions about more accurate business plans – says Joanna Zeman, NEO Hospitals Group president and vice president of Upper Finance.

Barbara Bojaca

– I fear that the assumed level of funding will not allow for a noticeable improvement in quality for system participants – says Joanna Zeman.

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How the rulers want to get paid for health care is even more alarming. It is about introducing standardized health insurance for everyone, regardless of type of business, which could be as high as 9 percent. Income will not be tax deductible.

Officially, there is no doubt about raising taxes in Polish Lada, although we are already dealing with it. The proposed changes mean that the current health insurance premium becomes tax – says the professor. Adam Marinski, Chair, National Chamber of Tax Advisors (KIDP).

He considers such a move a masterpiece, similar to the one that existed a few years ago, when people under the age of 26 were exempt from income tax. Since nearly half of the income from PIT goes to local governments, they were the biggest losers in the change introduced at the time. Now the situation is very similar.

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The changes will be neutral to the central budget, because the decrease in revenue is the result of, among other things, an increase in the income tax exemption amount and the tax limit amount will be compensated by increasing tax revenues, which will be the health insurance premium. In this case, the government will be able, as it announced, to increase the proportion of the budget allocated to health care. However, local governments and people earning more than 10,000 PLN would be a loss. PLN per month – KIDP head counts.

Basically, only Lada Polish health service plans are written into the logo and raise many questions. Joanna Zeman and Radosaw Szubert, head of the Polmed Clinics Network, regret this.

For example, admission limits for specialists in all fields will be raised for all Poles, including children, which, according to the program’s authors, will shorten waiting lists. I am very curious about how this effect will be achieved, because it does not follow the blueprint for the program – says Head of Polmed.

In his opinion, it would be very difficult to achieve such an effect until the introduction of a mechanism that limits the number of medically unnecessary visits to the doctor, and such a mechanism apparently does not exist in Polish Lada.

The announcement of the establishment of the Hospital Development Agency, Radosław Szubert, concludes with a statement: “Merely mixing tea does not get sweeter”.

When reading the assumptions of the Polish deal, I also had the impression of déjà vu at times. The authors write, for example, about the introduction of the so-called 24-hour network of district clinics. Meanwhile, these outpatient clinics were already in place before, and then closed – says the director.

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However, Joanna Zeman noted potential sources for improving efficiency in healthcare.

This is the announced development towards coordinated care, increased spending on employee education and an increase in the role of digital solutions and new technologies – believes the head of NEO Hospitals Group.

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