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The Polish talent had to leave Barcelona. Football is ‘impossible for me and my family’

The Polish talent had to leave Barcelona.  Football is 'impossible for me and my family'

“I would like to inform you that due to the current life situation, my family has decided to return to Poland for the time being. That is why I have decided to leave F.C.BBeing with the family “- Michał uk wrote on Instagram.

Żuk is a 13-year-old player who attended Barcelona School a few years ago. The same thing they finished, among other things Andres Iniestaxavi or Lionel Messi. Żuk was elated with his talent, and for La Masia he scored hundreds of goals. The pole was compared to Antoine GriezmannAdidas signed a contract with him.

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The pressure, or perhaps more expectations, comes mainly from Poland, because many articles have been written that he plays for Barcelona and he is doing well, so everyone hopes that he will make his way to the first team. There is good faith in that, but I know what will happen if it fails. People assume he has to hack and that’s it – said the player’s father – Marius – In an interview with

The UK leaves Barcelona

And he added: – Fortunately, Michai is not interested in her. He has such an approach that he does not even watch his Instagram. Doesn’t matter. I created an account for him, because there were many fake accounts where someone impersonated him. I wanted to control it. Related pressure matches It doesn’t cripple it either. He lost some of his teammates in matches with Real Madrid, although they are playing very well on a daily basis. Micha lives for this matchesWe look forward to them.

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in Friday The United Kingdom announced his departure from Barcelona. “The club wanted me to stay, but today I am at my age today, at this distance, it has become impossible for me and my family. I think when I get older and there are opportunities, then yes. Football is a passion, I am only 13 today and I want to live With my family. I will have time to live alone. I never thought that such a moment could come, but life is what it is and you have to accept what is happening to us. It is difficult for the family, but for the time being we have to accept this situation “- he wrote .

“I ask you not to criticize us, the club or anyone else. It is what is happening today and we will see what will happen in the future. I am not saying goodbye to anyone because I want to play football and I believe that God, life will give me a chance to fulfill my dreams here or there and come back someday Toys In Spain, the country that gave me passion, shaped me and taught me football. I do not say goodbye, but say: “See you as soon as possible” – he added.

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