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The premiere of the Polish game has been suspended. reason? German law!

The premiere of the Polish game has been suspended.  reason?  German law!

The premiere of the Polish game has been suspended. reason? You have shown a historical fact! It turns out that… it goes against German law.

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On May 27, the premiere of the game “Land of War: The Beginning”, which is about the beginnings of World War II, that is, the German invasion of Poland, was scheduled to take place. The production of the Polish company is still waiting for a release date to be set on the Steam platform.

The reason for the delay in the start of sales of the MS Games product was the fact that there were … Nazi symbols in the game. The presence of the swastika violates, among other things, the German law prohibiting the “promotion” of this type of symbol.

Land of War: The Beginning is a first-person shooter that focuses on the poorly overlooked early phase of World War II. Polish studio MS Games sees its niche here, having created a first-person shooter focused primarily on the September campaign and the early days of German aggression. Warland: The Beginning will introduce players to events such as the Siege of Warsaw, the Battle of Mokra, or the desperate defense of the Hel Peninsula.

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Swastikas removed

The game’s creators were forced to remove symbols that were inappropriate for the Germans. After the changes, the game was submitted for review on the Valve platform.

At the same time, MS Games announces the preparation of an optional update, thanks to which historical Nazi symbols will return to the game in those markets that are permitted by law. Of course, if this will be the will of the players themselves, who want to download the patch

– Report

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MS Games is still waiting for a new release date to set “Land of War: The Beginning”.

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