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The president’s spokesperson liked the photo taken by Anna Bobke. She appeared in a diminutive bikini, and left a heart

The president's spokesperson liked the photo taken by Anna Bobke.  She appeared in a diminutive bikini, and left a heart

Anna Bobeck He eagerly uploads his photos to Instagram. Recently, there are many summer formats and outdoor photos on her profile. this time worm A shot of him sitting in a bikini by the pool. A journalist has her loyal observers, including… Andre Duda. Błażej Spychalski liked this tire so much that he decided to make his mark.

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Anna Popec’s comments on the Michał Olszański interview. “Restraint in our profession is recommended”

President Spychalski Błażej Spychalski loves Anna Bobek in a bikini

Under the photo, Anna Bobke wrote:

I don’t know if it’s appropriate for my age, but I love water, sun and greenery. All are close to home.

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As it turns out, Błaej Spychalski keeps track of the presenter’s profile regularly. He left his heart under the picture of the pond.

Błażej Spychalski loves the picture of Annie Popek in a bikiniBłażej Spychalski loves the picture of Annie Popek in a bikini Anna Popek/Instagram photo

The politician and the journalist have known each other for a long time. Last year, Anna Popek hosted the signing of Andrzej Duda’s Thirteenth Retirement Act. Then she had to work closely with his spokesperson. She also backed another PiS politician, Rep. Camille Bortnizok, with whom she recently chaired the Republican Party convention. But this is not the journalist’s first contact with politics.

Not everyone knows that in 2002 she was an adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Grzegorz Kołodka. Then I took a year off from work TVP. Her duties included liaising with the media, local governments, and the artistic and ecclesiastical communities. Therefore, he has a lot in common with Błaej Spychalski. The politician has been Andrzej Duda’s spokesperson and Foreign Minister in the President’s office since 2018. You can see that he wants to maintain friendly relations with Anna Popek.

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