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The price of the Apple iPhone 13 has risen in Poland after the premiere of the iPhone 14!

The price of the Apple iPhone 13 has risen in Poland after the premiere of the iPhone 14!

After the premiere of the Apple iPhone 14, the manufacturer raised Polish prices for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE 2022 by several hundred zlotys! Prices for new iPhones make you kneel, and new prices for older iPhones make you dizzy.

We are after the first show Apple iPhone 14 in two versions And the Two iPhone 14 Pro models. Polish prices for new Apple smartphones It is overwhelming for a Polish conservative.

It may seem that at least the prices of phones of the previous generation will fall, so people who are interested in Apple products for more reasonable money will find something for themselves.

Unfortunately, the new iPhones did not bring down the prices of their predecessors. On the contrary – in the official Apple Store they are more expensive now!

After the premiere of the iPhone 14, the older iPhones are largely rooted in Poland!

Apple now sells the Apple iPhone 13 at the following prices:

  • iPhone 13128 GB: zloty 4499 Instead of PLN 4199,
  • iPhone 13256 GB: 5199 zlotys instead of PLN 4699,
  • iPhone 13 512 GB: 6499 zlotys Instead of PLN 5699.

This means that iPhone 13 is now more expensive by up to PLN 800! We earn nothing and pay much more. Tragedy.

Was the iPhone 13 mini so painful? Well, the base variant went up by PLN 400 and Strongest up to PLN 900! The lack of a successor encouraged Apple to pay more.

Interestingly, Apple still has the iPhone 12. It now costs PLN 3899-4229-4949, respectively 300-400-600 PLN more Several hours ago, before the premiere of his successor.

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The price increase also included the Apple iPhone SE 2022. In my opinion, it is now unquestionable. The least profitable phone in the world! Just look at these amounts:

  • iPhone SE 2022 64 GB: 2749 zlotys Instead of PLN 2299,
  • iPhone SE 2022128 GB: 3049 zlotys instead of PLN 2549,
  • iPhone SE 2022256 GB: zloty 3749 Instead of PLN 3049.

Almost 3,000 PLN for a seemingly surviving smartphone from 2014 with 64GB of memory? If someone thinks that the iPhone SE 2022 is worth such money, then … they have the right to do so, but to me this is ridiculous.

As Apple used to, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max were pulled from the manufacturer’s offer. You can still have it though Buying from outside sellers.

You can buy old Apple smartphones cheaper than other retailers in Poland

What comforts in all this is that iPhone 13And the iPhone 13 miniAnd the iPhone 12 And the iPhone SE 2022 You can buy cheaper than other sellers.

Will Polish Stores Raise Old iPhone Prices? I don’t know this yet, but I hope that as long as they have pre-purchased stock, these models will be available from them at a much cheaper price than Apple.

PS As a consolation, I enclose List of phones that are worth buying due to their very attractive price:

These Smartphones Are Profitable Sweep! Their prices are great, they are worth buying

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