June 19, 2021

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The producer of "Pitball" scored another defeat.  This time in the United States

The producer of “Pitball” scored another defeat. This time in the United States

Emil Stebeek manages the film company Emil One Investments, against which fraudulent measures are pending that could harm investors in judging film profits.

In May, the court declared EOI bankrupt. The receiver now examines the company’s funds and checks whether EOS can cancel the money transfer.

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However, this is not the end of Steve’s harassment. According to “Pulse Business”, in 2019 the manufacturer established Reel Studios and Reel Investments registered in the US state of Delaware.

According to the daily, a company hired the US company Arco to receive $ 4 million in funding. However, the money could not be obtained.

The e-mail letter held by “PP” shows that the owner of Arco, and at the same time a consulting firm called RS & RI Registration Agency, is blaming Emil Stephen for the failure of the project. “PP” writes about EOI and EOS, as well as when signing a contract to raise capital “-” Pulse Business “writes.

According to “PP”, Stebek was unable to sign the contract because he had three more directors in his companies at the time. Including a Polish model who knew nothing about her performance.

Emil Steviek did not respond to questions from reporters. His wife Dorota Rabzevska mentioned the matter.


– This has nothing to do with me, please do not associate me with it. In private and business terms, my faith in my husband is unlimited, so I lack knowledge and awareness on some topics – “PP” answered questions.

He also said that as part of the joint shooting operation, he is only a creative producer and does not handle funds.

On Wednesday, the singer announced that she had filed for divorce.