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The provisions of the Polish government complicate the tax system

The provisions of the Polish government complicate the tax system

Today’s employers complain that they have too many managerial obligations that they will have to fulfill at any given moment. These are primarily changes in human resource and payroll systems, what is the amount and by whom the full health insurance contribution is calculated, the amount that is tax-deductible or the amount that reduces income tax, as well as how the middle-class allowance is recognized – says Dr. Anthony Kollek, president of the Institute the retirement.

The tax-exempt amount from 2022 will be uniform and will reach PLN 30,000. PLN per year. People who earn less will not pay taxes at all. On the other hand, the new regulations eliminate the possibility of deducting the health insurance contribution from tax. Relief for the middle class will mitigate the effects of changes in health insurance premiums, so the net salaries of people who get a full-time job from a total of PLN 5,701-11,141 will not be lower.

More people will also be able to benefit from Zero PIT – so far, only people up to the age of 26 can benefit. Now, the income of working retirees who, although they have rights, do not receive benefits, the income of families with at least four children and people who will change their tax residence (return tax return) will be exempt from tax.

– These people will benefit from zero income tax, which means additional administrative obligations for their employers, because they will have to accept the appropriate permit and adjust their salaries in an appropriate manner. Of course, in terms of taxes, it will be beneficial to those who will benefit from it, but for employers it will be additional administrative duties that they will have to do every month starting in January – explains Dr. Kulik.

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According to government calculations, nearly 9 million Poles will stop paying dividend tax before investing, and thanks to the upper limit, a tax of 32 percent will be imposed. You will pay half of what people previously paid. A total of 16.5 billion PLN will be left in the pockets of the Poles. Poles who earn at least PLN 13,000 under the employment contract, however, will not only earn the total PLN on changes, but also lose. Therefore, key employees of their organizations expect their employers to be compensated for the tax changes.

– Indeed, in many cases, employers talk about how to form employees’ salaries so as not to lose the implemented changes – the expert notes.

Thanks to the increase in the tax-exempt amount to 30,000 from next year, all pension and disability pensions amount to 2.5 thousand PLN. Gross PLN per month will be exempt from income tax. However, the full 9% health insurance contribution will be deducted from pensions without the possibility of tax deduction. The Polish Lada will benefit 90 percent. Pensioners and Disability Pensioners. The calculations of the Pension Institute, however, show that pensioners with a benefit amounting to PLN 5,000 will lose. Total PLN or more. The House of Representatives rejected the Senate amendment, thanks to which the exemption for the middle class also applied to pensioners.

– These higher taxes mean they will have to pay personal income tax in full, which is the full 9%. The health contribution is not deductible, so the benefits for these people will be less than before. For many people this is harmful, after all, the government just said that we should work as long as possible in order to get a higher interest in the future. Now it turns out that, on the other hand, the government says — well, you probably have higher benefits, but then you contribute more to the tax system — Kollek explains.

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According to the calculations of pensioners who received benefits at the level of 7.5 thousand. He will lose a total of PLN 203 PLN per month, which is approximately 2.5 thousand PLN. PLN during the year. Currently 10 percent. Retirees get 5,000 total or more. Given the high valuation in March 2022, there will be more of these people.

– This undermines confidence in the state, because we do not really know what the next step of the government will be, what will be the next changes in the tax system, and whether, for example, those with high pensions will not have to pay higher taxes – the expert says. Older people often wonder what they should do in order not to fall into the retirement trap set by the government.

According to the head of the Pension Institute, the new regulations complicate the already burdensome tax system in Poland. The “International Tax Competitiveness Index” shows that the Polish system is ranked 36th out of 37 tax systems for OECD countries. In terms of complexity, we are ranked 28 (corporate tax), 30 (personal tax) and 37 (consumption tax).

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– If the system was clear, everyone would know what taxes are paid, on what date, and in what amount, and this would stabilize the system. On the other hand, the very high level of sophistication encourages you to optimize your taxes and to look for other, more appropriate solutions. Hence, many people wonder if a lump sum on registered income, tax card or Estonian CIT is a better solution – confirms Dr. Anthony Kulik.

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