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The reaction of Wojciech Chesney’s wife after the draw with Spain. There is a movie and this is a picture of the Polish national team

The reaction of Wojciech Chesney's wife after the draw with Spain.  There is a movie and this is a picture of the Polish national team

Polish representation after the great fight They drew 1-1 with Spain in the second leg Euro 2020. Thanks to this, the Poles retained a real opportunity to leave the group. Kadrowicze made up for himself at least partially by defeating him disastrously with Slovakia 1:2.

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Polish footballers believe in winning against Spain. “There is anger, there is no pretension”

Chichosni rehabilitated himself

He was one of the most criticized Polish footballers after defeating the Slovaks Wojciech Szczesny. There was debate in Poland over whether the Pole could have performed better in Slovakia’s first goal, when he missed the ball at the closest post. Some argued that the goalkeeper should not have missed this shot, while others pointed to a bounce and bad luck for the goalkeeper. Foreign experts also evaluated the goalkeeper’s behavior. Let us also remind you that Szczęsny has a terrible problem a series in the big leagues. In 2012 euro He was sent off the field and awarded a penalty in the match against Greece. In 2016, he suffered an injury, and in the 2018 World Cup he came out poorly. Now he added suicide with Slovakia.

We live! Szczęsny made the match procession risky to his health, and Souza changed his fate

In the match against Spain, he gave Chesney a goal, but he did not have a chance to defend in this case. It happened that he missed the ball on the cross. But he also had a big interference in the second half, when he offered a sacrifice at his feet Alvaro MorasiThanks to him, he prevented the loss of the second goal and contributed to the equalizer, a positive result for Poland.

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Powerful video and eloquent entry from Łuczenko-Szczęsna

Polish fans have reasons to be happy, as do the families of football players. Wojciech Schzny’s wife reacted emotionally to the outcome of the match, Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna. – What a wonderful thing, God! Congratulations to you guys! We are with you always! Always! We never give up. Look, I’m so proud of our boys. This is amazing. What a match it was! We have a tie! Amazing amazing! She said in a video she posted on Instagram. In addition, she threw a screenshot from one of the articles in which we read that Szczesny’s interventions saved the lottery. Marina emphasized the most important sentence in the text and added a gif to it, which means that Szczęsny finally silenced critics.

Meaningful picture of Marina Łuczenko-SzczęsnaMeaningful picture of Marina Łuczenko-Szczęsna Instagram

Marina Czccinny also supported after the match with Slovakia. “I am proud of our team. They fought and did their best. The emotions were huge! I am proud of my beloved husband. For us, there is always a win, no matter what happens on the pitch. I know how hard it is. Work and how much it costs to make sacrifices. I am proud of that. He tries Always proudly representing our country. I don’t understand who writes these awful things. Want to encourage our representatives? – She wrote on Instagram.

Now the Poles have to stress that they can play at a high level and that a draw with Spain is no accident. On Wednesday, June 23, Poland will play Sweden In the next “match everything”. If Poland wins, it will qualify for the 1/8 finals of the European Championship.

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Jacob ModerSpaniards mocked. Pedri could not hold back his tears. Krishwiak Already shaking?

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