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The role of young scientists in the future of science and the Polish economy – Ministry of Education and Science

The role of young scientists in the future of science and the Polish economy - Ministry of Education and Science

The role of young scientists in the future of science and the Polish economy


Participants in the panel discussion “The Role of Young Scientists in the Future of Polish Science and Economy” spoke about science funding, experience in obtaining grants, transferring research results to business, and collaboration with experienced researchers. Deputy Minister Włodzimierz Bernacki participated in the discussion.

A panel discussion at the 31st Economic Forum in Karpacz brought together young scientists from different fields of science. They discussed challenges faced by young representatives of both the humanities and sciences.

An important aspect of the discussion was the topic of science funding and grant application. Panelists noted different possibilities for obtaining research funds and shared their own experiences in this field. They emphasized that financial support is crucial to the development of the scientific career of the young scientist. a. Doctor Hebb. Matthews Hoyda emphasized that without sufficient financial resources, science will not reach a high and world level. It will be local.

The young scholars also spoke about the complex administrative and legal procedures in the grant application and settlement process.

This issue was pointed out by Deputy Minister Włodzimierz Bernacki, who spoke about changes to the peer review procedure in the research grant awarding process. He referred to the role of the Ministry of Education and Science in this regard: – The Ministry’s role in making the grant granting procedures more transparent – The Minister of State at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education explained.

Panellists emphasized that young scientists greatly increase innovation in science and use new technologies. It is important for them to collaborate with the older generation of researchers and to use their expertise. Young scientists also talked about transferring research results to the socio-economic sphere and accessing research infrastructure.

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Attended the discussion:

  • the professor. Doctor Hebb. Włodzimierz Bernacki, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Science,
  • the professor. Doctor Hebb. Matthews Howeda, Department of Anatomy, Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicom,
  • Bend. Mateusz Grochowski, President of the Student Parliament of the Republic of Poland.
  • Master’s. Jaroslav Olzewsky, Head of the National Doctoral Student Representation,
  • Dr. Igor Kilanovsky, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists,
  • Doctor Hebb. M. Alicja Kazek-Kęsik, Member of the Council of Young Scientists,
  • Mariola Perek, MA, Chair of the UKSW PhD Student Self-Management Board.


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