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The Rolkowisko 2022 race is coming to an end. Almost half a thousand people a day on 3 weekends

The Rolkowisko 2022 race is coming to an end.  Almost half a thousand people a day on 3 weekends

This is the last chance to participate in Rolkowisko 2022. Ergo Arena invites you on Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21, from 16:00 to 19:00. Submission is free. As the organizers admit, about 400 people per day visited Ergo Square, where classes are held, in the previous three weekends. The eldest was over 60 years old, and the youngest – 3 years old.

Ski lessons included in Tri-City. Check offers

This year’s rink is coming to an end. This is the last of four weekends where snowmobiling and rollerblading fans can enjoy together on the motherboard at the Ergo Arena. It will be at their disposal Saturday and Sunday August 20-21 from 16-19.

This is a changing formula because the hall in Dwóch Miast Square was open to them not only on Sundays, but also on Saturdays, unlike in previous years.

– We were a little afraid of it, but the response turned out to be very positive. It was taken advantage of by tourists who could come twice during one weekend. Tri-City residents have also benefited from the increased dose of roller skating. After your interest, you can see that the snowboarding area is part of the Tri-City activity calendar. To our surprise, it was in great demand even on hot days, when people often seemed to choose the beach – Says Adam RosenbergOne of the coaches.

Remember what Rolkowisko looked like last year

Find out what Rolkowisko looked like in the previous season

According to the organizers, this was happening every day About 400 people. Usually 250 to 300 people are on the record at one time. It should be noted that admission is always free. The only costs that had to be incurred were equipment rentals (PLN 25), although in fact most of them came with their costs.

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– Total shooting. Even people over 60 years old took part in our classes. There were quite a few retirees taking their first steps. On the other hand, toddlers were probably 3-4 years old. In contrast, the largest number of people was in the 20-30 age group. However, this does not surprise me at all, because in general this trend can be seen in this sport. Many people had their own equipment. At each skating rink we rented a maximum of 20 pairs of skates. Interestingly, every year we notice that more and more people wear helmets. Children and adolescents up to 18 years of age have such an obligation in our classes, but more and more adults are moving in a similar direction. And that makes us happiest when we see that our work is producing results – he explains.

Skateparks in Tri-City. Check out where to ski

As in previous years, she was waiting for everyone’s wish Five specially designated areasDriving lessons, slalom freestyle, agricultural/urban driving lessons, speed and recreational skating, hockey.

– Beginners can freely learn the basics of snowboarding, while more advanced trainees have fun in other areas with different obstacles. Lots of people just came for recreational horse riding. This indicates that everyone will find something for themselves on the ice rinks – Rosenberg ends.

  • Driving School District – Learning from scratch led by an instructor and snowboarding schools,
  • Free Slalom Zone – learn to ride between cups for beginners and advanced skiers, under the guidance of an instructor,
  • Agressive / urban driving lessons area – an area for intermediate skiers who want to improve their skills, classes will be conducted on basic obstacles (railing, jumping, landing), under the supervision of an instructor,
  • Quick and recreational skating area – a track will be created around the perimeter of the main board, in which skaters ride in a circle in one direction (alternately), in this area skating takes place without a coach in Rhythm Music,
  • Rotating hockey area – there will be an arena surrounded by globes, in addition, it is fenced, children’s lessons with a coach will be held, hockey sticks will be available for children.
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