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The rover discovered this on the surface of Mars. Scientists surprised – O2

The rover discovered this on the surface of Mars.  Scientists surprised - O2

Since February 18, 2021, the Persevering Mars rover has been on a mission to the “red planet”. Its main goal is astrobiology, including the search for traces of past microbial life. According to NASA, the rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate. By doing so, he is supposed to pave the way for human exploration.

Perseverance is the first task of collecting and storing Martian rocks and regolith (broken rocks and dust). While visiting the bottom of Jezero crater on Mars, the rover made another interesting discovery. The scientists rubbed their eyes in astonishment.

The rover found that the bottom of the Jezero Crater is made up of volcanic rocks that have reacted with water, says

The news was also carried on the official Twitter of the rover. – He reached the bottom of the ancient Jezero Crater lake, anticipating a lot of sedimentary rocks. I can see them now in the old river deltas, but the bottom of the crater was a surprise: a lot of volcanic rock – reads the entrance.

Volcanic rocks at the bottom of Jezero crater on Mars

The Jezero impact crater has a diameter of about 47.5 km. It is a circular cavity after a meteorite, asteroid, or comet impact. The Perseverance rover landed nearby as it carefully examined the surface of Mars.

Instead, they found that the substrate is made up of two types of igneous rocks – one formed deep in the Earth from magma and one from volcanic activity at the surface.

Igneous rocks on Mars can help answer important questions. First of all, it will help to know when the lake was in Jezero Crater. “We know it was there late in the formation of the crater floor rocks,” says Ken Farley, Perseverance Project Scientist.

This will answer some key questions: When did the climate of Mars encourage the formation of lakes and rivers on the planet’s surface, and when did it turn into the extremely cold, dry conditions we see today? – added.

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