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The Russian did not bite his tongue. “Pierre…that’s it, I’m going home” – o2

The Russian did not bite his tongue.  "Pierre...that's it, I'm going home" - o2

Russian soldiers do not cope well with the offensive in eastern Ukraine. The progress of Vladimir Putin’s army was disproportionate to the resources allocated. The Ukrainians who defend their country are taking a heavy toll.

The Ukrainian services published, Monday, July 4, an intercepted telephone conversation of one of the Russian soldiers. He informs his mother about the situation at the front. At first, he asserted that it was too bad.

We were surrounded but managed to escape. We were about to die. That’s why I couldn’t contact you earlier – he explains.

A Russian soldier asks for help from his mother. “Give a break to this scum.”

The soldier describes that his comrade Andrei was wounded by a grenade explosion. He claims he was going to be in his place himself. He asks his mother to go to the prosecutor’s office to get the documents required to leave the front line.

They were sent here as cannon fodder for slaughter. Go to the prosecutor’s office today – he says.

However, the mother fears that the army will conflict with his superiors. The soldier explained to her that his commander was on his lap.

It helps me get out of here. The Russian assures that he will simply tell his superiors that I am leaving.

Mother asks what exactly should she do. A soldier asks her to get documents about his battalion.

Go to the prosecutor’s office and tell them they can… kick their ass. Bring this scum to the fire, she says to her mother.

Russian sharply about leaders. ‘They treat us like animals’

I have an army… they treat us like animals. When I come back, I will sue them. They didn’t let me go earlier because they didn’t want to accept the documents and said “In an emergency, I can only leave the ranks dead or wounded”. This and… normal? P… That’s it, I’m going home. I do not care about these matters … If so, I can always give you a good reason: my mother is sick and cannot take care of my daughter – says the enraged soldier.

Finally, the mother asks her son to make sure his leaders are informed. The military officer confirms once again that his boss wants to go to headquarters and tell the story.

Nobody usually signs anything, they just left the service. My commander will say that he does not need me and that I can leave – he says.

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