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The Russian has obtained Ukrainian citizenship. Zelensky signed the decree – O2

The Russian has obtained Ukrainian citizenship.  Zelensky signed the decree - O2

Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree granting Ukrainian citizenship to Alexander Nizorov and his wife. According to Ukrinform, the Russian journalist was forced to flee the country, and on May 6 he was arrested in absentia. He is accused of “promoting false information about the Russian armed forces”.

Russian journalist with Ukrainian citizenship

The investigation of the journalist began in March. The Russian Investigative Committee tried to locate Nevzorov, but to no avail. On April 22, the journalist was included in the list of people working as foreign agents.

Nezorov revealed himself to the Kremlin through strong social media posts. He wrote, inter alia, about the bombing of the Mariupol Drama Theater, where more than a thousand civilians were hiding. He described the actions of the Russian army as “terror.”

I can’t be silent anymore. What is happening in Mariupol now is terrorism. Our army dropped a huge bomb on a dramatic theater where more than a thousand civilians were hiding. (…) I only have one question. Is it really liberation if we kill hundreds of civilians in order to eliminate dozens of soldiers? – Niewzorow Books.

The journalist also referred to the Kremlin’s propaganda. He stated that the media hides the true picture of the situation. The Union of Russian Journalists strongly criticized Nezorov’s actions, for which he withdrew from the organization, describing his colleagues as “a gathering of cowards and fools.”

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