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The Russians are fleeing the mobilization. Finland plans to close borders

– The decision to restrict entry to Finland will be announced soon, perhaps on Friday – Finnish journalist Lauri Nurmi told Polsat News. He added that the authorities in Helsinki fear that Moscow – along with those fleeing the mobilization – will send spies. Vladimir Putin is behaving like Hitler, like a Nazi. Nurmi said the military threat from Russia is real.

Vladimir Putin’s speech resonated widely in Russian society. So far, most of him supported the aggression against Ukraine, but such opinions were expressed, most often, sitting in armchairs at home.

When the autocrat announced partial military mobilization, many Russians fled the country, overpaying for airline tickets. Others got into their cars and drove to the nearest border crossings.

Queues at the Russian-Finnish border. Helsinki react

One of the countries bordering Russia is Finland. Services noticed there is an increase in one-way traffic – to the European Union. However, the government in Helsinki no longer intended to allow all Russians in.

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The journalist from this Scandinavian country, Lori Nurmi, spoke about the intentions of the Finnish rulers in Polsat News. In an interview with Michai Stella, he said that the State Department is looking for a legal way to close the border with Russia.

The Russians will not be able to bypass him then. Soon the decision to restrict entry will be announced, perhaps on Friday – announced.

Finland fears Russia will send spies

As Lauri Nurmi added, he spoke with the head of Finnish diplomacy. The politician emphasized that in the event of a threat to national security, Helsinki has the right to close state borders without waiting for pan-European solutions.

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The journalist explained that Finland does not feel a direct military threat, but that spies may reach it with fleeing from the crowd.

Agents are a threat to the future. Perhaps in the coming weeks or months, Russia will use its military might against us or against Estonia. The threat is real, our government is taking it seriously, but it is trying to reassure the citizens so as not to cause panic – as he described it.

He stated that according to the Finns, “Putin behaves like Hitler, like a Nazi.” Negotiations with its management are impossible. However, he did not succeed in motivating the Russians to a suicidal war. Over the past two days, five thousand ordinary people have entered Finland from there. He said they were running away, but we still have to close the border.

Very limited entry for Russians is already valid in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

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