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The Russians carried out acts of torture in the Kharkiv region. In Isisum services found electrocution cables | world News

The Russians carried out acts of torture in the Kharkiv region.  In Isisum services found electrocution cables |  world News

“We visited the Izyum police station, which the Russian army turned into its base. There, as in other cities of the Kharkiv region, the Russians set up a prison and a torture chamber,” said Serhiy Polvinov, head of the police investigation department. In the Kharkiv region.

Torture chamber in Izyum. Electrocution cables were found in the basement

Bołwinow reported that the investigators immediately found, among other things, to the list of detainees and torture devices. The adjuster replaced the electrical cables. He also added, every cell people were held in is being tested, DNA samples taken and fingerprints taken.

He wrote: “People were kept in dark cells from several weeks to months, and they did not always understand what the occupiers wanted from them” – he wrote

Reports about the torture chambers that were exposed in the Kharkiv region do not appear yet Once first. Ole Sinihopov, head of the administration of the Kharkiv Territory, reported in an interview with Interfax.Ukraine About the torture room in the Strelica Center, where the “occupation police” were stationed. There, the Ukrainian services found, as Sinihopov said, an “electric torture device.”

Talk about a similar situation Volodymyr Zinsky In a Saturday speech. – After the liberation of the Kharkiv Territory, Ukrainian forces found torture devices, including at the Kozaksa Chobani train station, said the President of Ukraine.

Mass graves in Izyum. 146 bodies have been exhumed

As reported Monday in a telegram from Syniehubow, 146 bodies have so far been exhumed at the mass burial places in Iseum. The vast majority of them are civilians, including two children.

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Some of the dead show signs of violent death, and there are bodies with hands tied and signs of torture. The victim was also injured by mines, shrapnel and stab wounds.

All bodies are sent for forensic examination to determine the final cause of death.

“The whole world should know”

“Thank you to our cops, ProsecutionAnd employees of the State Ambulance Service, specialists of the Security Service of Ukraine, forensic experts, doctors and all involved in the exhumation process for their hard work. Special thanks to representatives of national and foreign media ”, he wrote on Telegram, stressing that “the whole world should know about the terrible crimes committed by the Russian occupiers in the Kharkiv region.” He added that the evidence collected will be used in international courts.

Julia Skorik, journalist from wrote about the mass graves found in Izyum: “The Russians they thoughtThat the world will never know about their terrible crimes. Perhaps they wanted to bury their atrocities, just as they hid the truth about Holodomor for decades, how they wanted to bury the truth about Bokza, how they buried the truth about Mariupol … If the “Russian scientist” had won [org. russkij mir]in the Kharkiv region it will be so. ” The full article is presented below:

Ізюм. Сотні людей закатували, бо вони українці. робачити? коли!

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