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The Russians flee to Georgia in a panic. A “surprise” awaits them at the border

The Russians flee to Georgia in a panic.  A "surprise" awaits them at the border

after, after Russian President Vladimir Putin In his speech Wednesday to the nation, he announced the partial mobilization of the country by many Russians In a panic, she began to flee outside the country’s borders. Photos and recordings posted online for several days can prove their desperation. You can see how quickly the Russians escape, incl. lowest GeorgiaAs a result, huge traffic jams are formed at the borders. Cars are full of families with children.

In traffic jams on the border Russia and Georgia are stuck mainly by those who can’t afford to buy expensive airline tickets. These, in turn, literally a few hours after Vladimir Putin’s speech It has reached incredible prices. It is also worth noting that Georgia is one of the few countries neighboring Russia that does not require entry visas and does not yet impose restrictions on Russian settlements and the opening of businesses.

Some Russians are not allowed to cross the border with Georgia. The reason for the stickers on cars

According to the independent Belarusian news portal Nexta, cars with stickers bearing the letters “Z” or “V” do not pass through the Russian-Georgian border. Witnesses claim that the matter in no way disturbed the fleeing Russians. Before they try to cross the border, the stickers simply peel off.

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The letter “Z” as a symbol of the Russian occupation

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The letter “Z” has become a symbol of the Russian occupation. It is even treated by Ukrainians as a swastika. Apart from the letter “Z”, there are also other letters, including the letter “V”, but the first letter is the most used. First, it is a sign that makes it easier for Russians to identify mainly their tanks, vehicles and military equipment. Secondly, the letter “Z” is a symbol of support for the war and the regime of Vladimir Putin. Russians use different characters that they paint with paint on the front or side of vehicles. They can also be seen on cars, buildings, and special clothing.

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