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The Russians heard the truth. Nobody expected such words on TV – O2

The Russians heard the truth.  Nobody expected such words on TV - O2

For years, Kremlin propaganda has been telling Russians that their army is a real force. It so happened that the “experts” on state television did not shy away from the fear of World War III and nuclear attacks. However, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which has been going on for more than 70 days, has exposed the reality of Putin’s military might – outdated equipment, poorly trained soldiers, and chaotic leadership.

But so far no one has broken the message imposed by the Kremlin. Thus, the video clip from the program “60 Minutes” led by Yevgeny Popov, which was posted on Twitter by Julia Davis, can be accepted with a certain shock.

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An American expert dealing with Russian media and propaganda has shared a minute-long excerpt from a surprising statement made by Mikhail Chudarinok, a colonel and senior military expert. The guest said live that the mobilization, which is frightened by Russia, will not achieve much success, and that outdated weapons will not stand a chance against modern NATO equipment.

Suppose the mobilization is announced. How quickly will we be able to establish the first air regiment? Until the new year. We have no reserves, no pilots, no planes. So, he said packing wouldn’t help much.

It didn’t stop there. Chudarinok offered other scenarios.

If we order new ships tonight, when will the first ship be ready? Within two years. If we decide to create a new armored division, when will it be ready? I bet in at least 90 days. And it will not be equipped with the most modern equipment, because we do not have one – he said.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the military has criticized the Russian army. In early March, he wrote a highly critical analysis of the Russian attack on Ukraine. He gave up believing that it would last several days.

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