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The scenes of Meghan Markle’s brawl with royal aides was revealed: “She could not accept gifts from well-known brands. I was disgusted with it.”

The scenes of Meghan Markle's brawl with royal aides was revealed: "She could not accept gifts from well-known brands. I was disgusted with it."

Meghan Markle She sparked controversy in the British media almost from the moment she entered the royal court. Almost everything was accused of her: from non-compliance with the rules of conduct, by a difficult nature, to the alleged harassment of palace employees. She repeatedly denied the latest accusations.

Meghan Markle fought battles with assistants? The author of the new book reveals

anyway Meghan Markle She emphasized that there was no doubt about the attack on her part, and that she herself always treated the employees with respect, and did not say the accusations. Now the issue is back in the media with Valentine Low’s new book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind The Crown,” excerpts of which have just been published by The Times.

From the excerpts revealed from the aforementioned post, we learn that Meghan has had to fight regularly with the Royal Service, including her lieutenants. For example, a situation was cited in which Markle was highly critical of a plan presented to her by a staff member at the forum. He was supposed to move in to help Prince WilliamWho tried to support her and said she did a great job and appreciates her effort very much. Then the girl was about to burst into tears…

Samantha Cohen also had to go through the challenging nature of Megan. The Duchess did indeed contradict her words, but according to the source given in the book excerpts, She suffered from regular “humiliation”. As stated, nothing she did was going to be good for Meghan and her husband.

Sam made it clear from the start that it’s like working with teenagers. She was not able to please them and they led her into a shoemaker’s passion. She no longer has the strength for that – We read.

with another assistant Melissa TawabtiMegan, in turn, had to argue about a completely different issue. Unfortunately, she was clearly unaware that members of the royal family could not accept gifts from brands. When the woman realized this, the Duchess was furious.

The rest of the article is under the video

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Was Harry afraid of “falling into oblivion”?

Another point raised in the clips was Prince Harry’s fears about his place in the family. William’s brother was supposed to be “focused” on the fact of when Prince George At 18 years old, the whole world will forget him. Moreover, the fear of her falling into oblivion was his escort even before Meghan got to know.

Here is the situation When Harry presents the palace staff with a plan for what he can do as part of his independent activities. Unfortunately, his efforts were not approved and he offered to “discourage him from acting without William and Kate’s help”. The prince would have been frustrated by this and feared that other members of the royal family would play the violin and would never be spotted.

The book is scheduled to be released on October 6. Are you also wondering what else we will learn from it?

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Well, we already know why she wanted to unsubscribe, and couldn’t accept gifts from designers 🤪

Meghan was so much a princess that they kicked them out of the royal family ;))

Shared beauty, shared intellectuals, shared culture


1 hour ago

Difficult Affairs Episode 537737

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You probably never thought that she did not join this famous family of series and newspapers. They perform government functions – diplomats and representatives, so how would it look as if they left meetings with bags full of gifts? Seriously, if at least some of what is in this book is true, it turns out that Harry is still a little boy, a scarred boy, the Queen’s grandson who has to get his own way, and his wife is a greedy avatar who has mastered his masterly manipulation. If this is a load of nonsense, and the author indicates specific names and not “sources from the palace” – they will bring them to court.

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Americans will never understand what the rules, protocol and venue mean. And the usual weeds … What to talk about so much, he spoiled his life. My heart was breaking with nostalgia for my family. If he has some oil in his head and moves a little too soon, he will find out where he is in any position

Koszalek- Opal …

8 minutes ago

They wouldn’t let her into the Queen’s slash because they were afraid she’d be full of cameras to talk to Biden and other presidents.

Sea royal family. They can live like butter cakes for the money of their subjects, but Megan could not accept anything from the companies. Disinformation, bottom rites, and the unfortunate circus. I am very surprised that the British did not transport it all on wheelbarrows. Oh no, I forgot they would rather stand the clock to look at the lead coffin.

Megan’s problem was, and still is, that she doesn’t understand anything at all. The galloping ignorant who mistook Buckingham in Hollywood. She wanted to be a Disney princess because that was the only thing she had ever seen in her life. He cannot understand to this day that living among the royal family means constant control, hard work, and, despite unparalleled wealth, humility and service. Unfortunately, she is too simple and arrogant to ever accept it. The fact that she is Harry’s wife is a result of his extremely low intelligence and emotional turmoil.

Perhaps those same assistants treated her with an unpleasant reserve and wanted to perform some duties according to his tastes. I am very conservative about the stories the staff tell. Anyway, this woman with her habits and arrogance wasn’t able to relate to this royal reality

Folks, no one but the royals has an idea of ​​what’s going on there and what the truth is. Do you really believe everything someone writes/says in times when money and publicity is all that matters? I beg you! Don’t be a fool. It’s as if any sane Polish believe in PiS propaganda 😂 Oh yeah by the way… I don’t want to belong to this family for anything in the world. note. As the late said “For God’s sake, people! You love each other a little bit more”…

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🤮 Rojalsamy. Once upon a time, the Poodle did not write about the royals at all. Who bothered this?

Were it not for the press campaign and the reluctance of other royals about Meghan, they would have already parted, but the common antagonist and opposites keep them together, and they really do.

She separated from part of the family. I am tired of the humiliating, humiliating and poisonous atmosphere. But, if there is such a situation, you cut yourself off completely and out of concern for your health and life. Megan. Harry keeps going back to the mansion in search of something, and it was supposed to be that bad. In the first statement, they only wanted “financial independence”. If they don’t get what they want (protection and titles), they start making newer and newer accusations.

There is something in this (somewhat exaggerated) campaign against it. She is at odds not only with the royal family, but also with her family, and her colleagues on the set did not express themselves well in her. He has a terrible personality. After becoming a Duchess, she probably lost her palm completely. Claim Damola.

Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle, she may have treated these assistants poorly, but the fact that frustration grew in her that she did not imagine her that way, I thought that she would be a princess …

I don’t know how people read these articles. After all, it is clear from which decisions they could not make on their own. Complete control of every movement. This is great luck. Fabulous

If Meghan resigns from the royal privileges of British Columbia, she should not attend the Queen’s funeral. And if Harry supports his wife, mourning must be experienced in person!!!!! Besides, they had caused a lot of harm to the royal court, so it’s no wonder that they are so undesirable and disregarded, and on their part perhaps still such a lack of honor…

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