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The school exists for information, not propaganda

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Nowoczesna’s president, Adam Szłapka, stressed at Friday’s press conference that the school is there to deal with science, not propaganda. He added that the money spent on the HIT book by the professor. Roszkowski must be returned to the state budget.

“The school deals with science, not propaganda. This pseudo-textbook has no objective or educational value – what is the purpose of conveying propaganda, specific party propaganda” – emphasized Friday at a press conference in Pozna, Nowoczesna president, Adam Zalabka, referring to The book “History and Present” Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski.

Szłapka emphasized that apart from the propaganda aspects – he said – this guide was published for a purely commercial purpose. “The publishing house is going to gain a lot from this, and we know how huge the distribution is. A former activist, a retired PiS activist, apparently far from the reality, he’s going to gain a lot,” he said.

In Shłapka’s opinion, the textbook “Historia i Współczesność” is “ridiculous, poorly organized”. As he noted, “If the time he deals with, the date range is up to 1979, and the texts contain images of Jaroslav Kaczynski or Andrzej Duda, it would be essential to put a picture of Andrei Duda from kindergarten.”

“Second, this textbook is so stupid that it’s embarrassingly funny. If anyone read things about metal from that period, or the Black Sabbath—young guys read it, or whatever music was playing—they just laughed at the sound of those nonsense he wrote. Professor Roskovsky ”- added.

Nowoczesna’s head, referring to the content of the laboratory procedure included in the textbook, noted that the textbook in this context is “evil”.

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“Writing about + raising children +, writing about the fact that there are children in the world that no one would love and that’s kind of parenting – it’s just meanness (…) if someone treats comedy as a source of knowledge (about it) science fiction + Gender +, this is a man who looks separate and it shows once again that the title of professor does not have to prove anything ”- said Szłapka.

Nowoczesna’s head noted that “this textbook, a pseudo-textbook, is well suited for grinding. The people responsible for the production of this vicious, ridiculous and stupid nonsense should return this money to the state budget from their own resources.”

He also appealed to school administrators “not to use this leaflet, the law and justice brochure.”

During the conference, Nowoczesna also announced a protest against this publication, which is scheduled to be held on September 4 in Warsaw in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Science.

There are many disputes in the textbook on the topic of history and the present, including in the chapter “Culture and the Family in the Eyes of the West”. In it we read, among other things: “The increasingly complex methods of separating sex from love and fertility lead to treating the field of sex as entertainment, and of fertility as human production, arguably education. This raises the fundamental question: Who will love who will thus produce for children? ?A country that takes this kind of +production+?Parental love has been and will remain the basis of all human identity, and its lack is the cause of almost all human deviations in nature. In my childhood no one gave me anything, so I have to take it for myself. He was accused, inter alia, of wording that could affect the dignity of children conceived as a result of IVF and their parents.

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Minister Czarnik asked on Polsat News if the “having children” section should be removed from the professor’s book. Roszkowski, said, “I think because it’s already so distorted that even in this program we touch IVF babies, that piece could disappear to protect lab-grown babies. There’s no mention of them in this textbook.” – It’s certain. He saw that the words in the textbook had been taken out of context and words that were not in it were included.

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