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The secret of Elizabeth II’s longevity. What does the queen of routine do for health? Favorite foods, desserts and drinks

The secret of Elizabeth II's longevity.  What does the queen of routine do for health?  Favorite foods, desserts and drinks

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Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar. There is a popular saying that certainly applies to many of Elizabeth II’s subjects, which, contrary to appearances, does not fit at all with the eating habits of the British monarch. The Queen has been avoiding overeating for many years. Contrary to appearances, her meals are very modest, but she tries to eat them regularly.

Secrets from the royal painting – Elizabeth II eats little, but often

Monarchini eats 4 times a day, starts each morning with a glass of Earl Gray, and serves her exactly 7.30. The service often serves Twinings tea – a brand with more than 300 years of tradition, which the Queen loves most. Unlike many Britons, Elizabeth II never sweetens it or even adds a little milk to it. Sometimes she sips the drink over a few muffins or orange toast, but the basis of her morning meal is usually breakfast cereal with added fruit – often fresh Balmoral strawberries or Windsor plums, which are said to be regularly carried out from castles to where they are. Currently eat. For special occasions, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon are put on the royal platter.

Chefs, servants, butchers and…doctors have revealed little-known facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Secrets about Elizabeth II’s eating habits were revealed in the best-selling show “Dinner at Buckingham Palace – Secrets and Recipes from the Reign of Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II,” based on the diaries of royal butler Charles Olivier, but for years the media has been leaking a lot of information closely guarded about the queen’s favorite foods. The most delicious meals are often revealed directly from the royal plates by those close to the royal family.

The royal butcher, Paul Burrell, says the Queen is not obsessed with meat, and for lunch, she sometimes has Croque Monsieur sandwiches with ham, eggs and Gruyère cheese, or a slice of whole-grain bread with cheese and a slice of tomato or cucumber on top. At noon, you also eat steamed poultry or fish with the addition of stewed zucchini or spinach.

The favorite queen fish is the Dover sole. He also has a soft spot for herring, salmon and halibut. Monarchini usually combines foods that are a valuable source of protein with steamed vegetables or salads. However, he avoids starch and corn. He also hates garlic, which has been a curse in royal cuisine for years.

In contrast, the famous British five o’clock is not a myth at all, because as long as the Queen does not have official meetings or trips abroad, she always tries to remember a cup of afternoon tea. Although she was never abstained, she did not overindulge in alcohol, and drank alcoholic beverages mainly at official receptions.

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Shocked, unconfused? The Queen’s favorite drink

Chef Darren McGrady, who has been cooking for the Queen for several years, denied on CNN a rumor that the Queen would drink 4 drinks each day. In recent years, kings, given their age, had to limit the amount of alcohol consumed. She still tops the evening toast with champagne (often Lanson, Krog or Bollinger), but Elizabeth II’s favorite drink, according to the royal chef, is gin with an aperitif from Dupont. The mother of Queen Elizabeth chose the same drink most often.

The Queen’s former chef explains the misunderstanding and reveals her favorite drink

Tom Hanks, who recently revealed to the BBC that he’s happened to sit at the table next to the British Queen in the past, has a slightly different opinion on the matter. He came to Buckingham Palace in 2011 with Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, when the presidential couple made an official visit to Great Britain (Michelle Obama’s sympathetic pat on the Queen’s shoulder is history).

The actress had the honor of having a meal next to the King and noticed that there was no water in the clear glass given to her. When the star asked the Queen what her favorite drink was, Elizabeth II answered without hesitation that it was a martini – the same drink that Her Majesty’s Agent always chooses.

Tom Hanks joked that since the Queen drinks the same things as James Bond, that’s probably why she’s indestructible – she’s finally been able to happily wait for her special platinum jubilee of the reign.

Although the Queen appears restrained, people from her closest circle say that she has a good sense of humor and has always been able to appreciate the sharp intelligence of her husband – Prince Philip. He also regularly indulges in small pleasures. One of them is…chocolate.

Queen Elizabeth II can only deny herself…chocolate cake

Elizabeth II cuts the cake to celebrate her platinum birthday on February 5, 2022.Elizabeth II cuts the cake to celebrate her platinum birthday on February 5, 2022. Joe Giddens/AFP

For dessert, in the royal palaces, dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants and magnesium – the main ingredient of Elizabeth II’s favorite chocolate sponge cake, is served. Contrary to appearances, regular consumption of such a high-quality snack can have a positive effect on health – it lowers blood pressure, prevents atherosclerosis, stimulates the mind to work more efficiently, and thanks to its low glycemic index, it does not cause surprise. An increase in blood sugar levels. If only moderation was observed – and Elizabeth II had no problems with this – then such a “little thing” could only help us.

For the Queen’s dinner, grilled salmon with the addition of boiled vegetables or a piece of lean meat is served with salads. Monarchini chooses well-cooked steaks and does not like roast beef. At the parties he goes to, poultry is always available, and pheasants or game are served on special occasions.

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Historic hot dog from 1939

The Queen never liked fast food, although the palace often served classic British dishes, such as fish and chips, that is, fish in breadcrumbs with chips. Elizabeth ate her first hot dog in 1939, when she and her father were served an American snack while they were visiting President Roosevelt, local newspapers reported.

During hundreds of trips abroad, Elizabeth II always tried to respect the customs of different nations. In Morocco, it is mentioned to this day that her excellent manners and concern for the principles of etiquette did not prevent her from eating with King Hassan II with her fingers instead of using knives – as befits a distinguished lady …

The Queen never smoked cigarettes and avoids sunbathing to this day

Elizabeth II’s strength comes not only from her tremendous self-control and the preservation of her emotions, but also from the fortitude and vitality that she does not lack, despite the fact that she is 96 years old and has the longest reign in the world. History of Great Britain. The Queen is modest, disciplined, and painfully frugal.

For years, Buckingham Palace staff have joked that the excellent condition of the royal carpets is mainly due to the fact that Elizabeth II…never walks through the middle of a carpet without destroying it. Her deep respect for elements of historical interest does not allow her to do any decoration. Unlike many members of the royal family, she has avoided frivolity. She is said to have never lit a cigarette, although her father, uncle and sister were heavy smokers.

Although she was always a very busy person and had a very tight schedule from an early age (the newspapers called her “the hardest working woman in the world” for a reason), she always found time for physical activity. To this day, she loves to be in the fresh air, although she avoids the sun and does not sunbathe.

She’s always been a great horse rider – a passion that she shares girl Anna, who even managed to win the world title in dressage. She used to ride horses a few years ago, but since she has mobility issues, she is more likely to be found in a car that can drive by herself.

Homeopathy – an open secret in the royal court

The Queen has always led a healthy lifestyle, and for several years in matters of health, she relied on the advice of a personal physician – Dr. Peter Fisher, who, after graduating in traditional medicine from Cambridge University, went to China, ruled by Mao-Tse-Tung, and then the knowledge gained there about The subject of Chinese medicine instilled in Great Britain. Over the years, homeopathy and alternative medicine have become popular.

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Although scientifically unproven methods have been controversial, the doctor said that the best evidence of the effectiveness of his work was that Elizabeth II never suffered from any chronic disease – she was first hospitalized in 1982 during a wisdom tooth extraction. Previously, she only had severe measles. In 1949, when Prince Charles was two months old, she had to be separated from her son for a while, and she was otherwise healthy until 1994, when she broke her wrist while riding a horse and had to wear a splint. She underwent her first surgery in May 2018, when it became necessary to remove a cataract.

Homeopathy in the British court has been growing since the days of Queen Victoria, but the Windsors have not spoken publicly about how they are treated. Discussions on this topic naturally faded away – as befits homeopathy. 67 years The Queen’s personal physician In August 2018, he was hit by a car while cycling to the hospital while on duty.

centenarian on the throne. What is the secret of Elizabeth II’s long life?

Japanese scientists from Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo recently proved that the intestines of the world’s elderly contain a much larger amount of Gram-negative bacteria. OdorWhich are able to stop the growth of the most dangerous pathogenic microorganisms. Thanks to them, bile acids are formed, which protect the body from the most powerful drug-resistant pathogens. Centenarians have many of them more than others – it was written in the prestigioustemper nature“.

british queen, japanese customs

The discovery of the Japanese is not without its importance if we are to unravel the mystery of Elizabeth II’s longevity. The Queen may have inherited some good genes from her ancestors, but this legacy is easily lost if good habits are not developed in time. It is worth taking care of getting a good night’s sleep, just hurry up … slowly, avoid excessive exertion, but do not completely give up physical activity, especially following the well-known Japanese principle “hara-hachi-bo”, which is: never enter, do not eat. The British Queen still eats a lot but consumes very little. Many Asians have a similar habit.

Sipping drinks from the indestructible James Bond and developing the peace of mind worthy of a true samurai, the British monarch has a chance to become the first hundred years on the royal throne. On the occasion of the platinum jubilee, she wishes her one thing – God save the Queen!

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