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The series “Oath” – we know what will happen in July. Assault on Kamal in custody

The series "Oath" - we know what will happen in July.  Assault on Kamal in custody

We check what will happen in July in the series “The Section”. Kemal struggles to clear himself of the charges after Meltem accuses him of murder. Naren is looking for clues at the crime scene. She is devastated because she cannot help Kemal before the trial. Gulberry, in turn, will fall victim to blackmail. The prince would not be able to understand her behavior. What else will happen in the Turkish series “The Section”? We publish the abstracts until mid-July in the gallery.

Already in July 2022 in the series “The Section”: Gulberry insists that he withdraw the complaint, but Amir refuses to allow it. Finally he took her into custody, to Kasim. She wants the girl to see that this guy can’t hurt her anymore. Kamal is under attack while in detention. Naren helps her husband in the surgery.

We present summaries for the next two weeks at the fair.

And in the third season of the series “The Section”, the prince mourned his beloved Rayhan. A new woman appeared in his life – unique who She was taking care of the baby princess and basil. In the season three finale, the villain – the psychopath Omit – is imprisoned, but the man fakes his death there and sets out to take revenge. Amtit shot the prince after he visited Rehan’s tomb. This was the end of the third season of the series “The Right”..

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