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The series “Wranione Ptaki” – will happen early next September. Levent sentenced to 16 years! [28.08.2022]

The series "Wranione Ptaki" - will happen early next September.  Levent sentenced to 16 years! [28.08.2022]

A real earthquake awaits viewers in the upcoming episodes of the “Wounded Birds” series. Meles will try to kill Mary, while Tekken prepares a plot to the smallest detail that will lead to Levent’s arrest. One of the main characters will be accused of a murder he did not commit and his lawyers will be helpless! In the gallery you can find summaries of the latest episodes of the “Infected Birds” series. Check out what will happen in early September.

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In September 2022 in the series “Wranione Birds”.: Melis is trying to kill Mary. The woman will go to the hospital. When it turns out that she survived, Melis will try to disconnect her from the life support equipment… Meanwhile, the police will visit Levent soon. He will be charged with the murder of a man and will be arrested. Although everyone was convinced that Levent’s innocence would be quickly proven, the case would become much more complicated … Tekken planned the scheme to the smallest detail. Levent will hear a prison sentence, and Tekin will begin to blackmail Mary – he wants her to accept his engagement. To convince her in addition, he will order knife attack On Leventa in prison.

Watch what will happen in early September 2022 in the series “The Wounded Birds”. You can find the summaries in the gallery

The original title of the series is “Yaralı Kuşlar”. It premiered in 2019. On TVP 2, the TV series can be watched at 6:45 PM from Monday to Friday. According to Wikipedia, 165 episodes (one series) were broadcast in Turkey. The duration of the episodes on Polish television is about 45 minutes. The duration of one episode of Turkish origin is about 55 minutes, so the Polish and Turkish numbers do not match. The series is also available on the VOD service on TVP’s website.

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