October 21, 2021

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The sexy rumors are true!  And yet!

The sexy rumors are true! And yet!

The marriage of Monica and Zbizek Zamachovsky broke up for several months. the actor (Check!) They took his things from their “room in Juliebors” and walked out. It turns out that he lost his head to actress Gabriella Mosca, whom he cheated on with his wife.

Soon, Monica found solace in the arms of the “millionaire” Konrad, with whom she had already appeared on the walls.

However, it turned out that her life after breaking up with Zbyszek did not look colorful at all. It even so happened that Monica decided to seek help from a specialist!

“I’ve been in therapy for several months. Fortunately, I came across a wise woman of my age (yes, I think it’s important). We talk about different things, for example today we talked about actively listening to our interlocutor and a quote my therapist coined for his business needs: “First and before Everything, not giving advice. That’s exactly my problem: how to listen, support and remain silent ”- he writes on Instagram.

Monica directly admitted that she decided to go to therapy after the collapse of another marriage …

“It might be strange for a woman in her fifties to start thinking about certain mechanisms of her behavior that led to her failure in three marriages. But I think what I always say in public: It’s never too late to do something good with life. Think of yourself. And never mind that they They will get you out of their tongues ”- pleads Monya.
Netizens began to thank her for her frank talk that she suffers from mental problems …

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“I myself after 3 marriages and now only found my second half. People have been talking and will talk, Ms. Monica, so don’t worry and carry on” “It’s not weird, it’s always a good time take care of yourself”, “It’s good that you brought up this topic. Bravo for your courage and strength.” They wrote to her.

Do you think the fourth wedding on the debt-burdened “Millionaire” will be the last in her case?