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The ship is released after a six-day delay

Six days ago, the largest cargo ship blocking the Suez Canal in Egypt was separated. This information was provided by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA). Traffic on this route is expected to resume in three days.

“Admiral Osama Robbie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, has announced the resumption of navigation traffic on the channel,” the SCA said in a statement.

The 400-meter-long Evergreen was stranded across the southern part of the canal on the morning of March 23 due to strong winds, blocking traffic on the narrowest shipping lanes between Europe and Asia.

After further excavation and excavation over the weekend, rescue crews from the SCA and a team from the Dutch company Smith Salvage worked to release the ship using duckboats early this morning.

After 3:15 pm (Brasilia at 10:15 am), the ship was finally placed in the direction of the flow in the middle of the channel, rugged and the bow destroyed. As the ship slowly began to rise towards the north of the channel, the ship’s drinking was celebrated from the surrounding boats.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi did not wait until the bailout was over, and the popular channel was a major source of income for the country, congratulating itself on the eve of a “successful” move.

Admiral Osama Robbie said the channel would be “operational 24 hours after the cargo returns.” “It takes three and a half days for all the waiting ships to cross the channel,” Rabbi Sada told al-Balat. It may still be necessary to examine the stability of the channel before the flow resumes.

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Earlier today, news that tugboats were able to move the ship led to a fall in crude oil prices, which were affected by the landing as part of a global supply of goods. Companies that specialize in maritime trade, in total, have lost more than $ 300 billion in direct or indirect economic losses.

The process of freeing the ship lasted 5 days and included backhoes and excavation equipment, a team of duckboats and some partial removal of the ship’s weight in an attempt to facilitate sophisticated engineering tasks. For example, the ship was in danger of capsizing or breaking. Divers Hull did not detect jolts.

Evergreen ran in the middle of a strong wind and sandstorm on the morning of the 23rd, blocking one of the world’s busiest trade routes, forcing companies to divert ships, causing prolonged congestion.

* With information from AFP, Reuters and AP

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