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The situation at the front in Ukraine. Conditions stabilized in Ukrainians in Donbass | News from the world

The situation at the front in Ukraine.  Conditions stabilized in Ukrainians in Donbass |  News from the world

Compared to the summary of the situation a week ago, we can now talk about the relative success of the Ukrainians. In the Donbas, the Russians continue to attack and advance, but again at a slow pace, penetrating the Ukrainian positions at great cost. without risking stunning advances and crushing or encircling Ukrainian forces.

The situation has stabilized

What happened between the villages of Bubasna and Bashmut was the key to controlling the situation. I, strongly and defend Fiercely by the Ukrainians since the beginning of the war, the Russians were captured at the beginning of May. Then, at this weak point of the Ukrainian defense, they threw large forces that were kept in reserve, including selected units of the Airborne Forces, Marines and mercenaries. The result was the collapse of the Ukrainian defense and rapid progress at a pace not seen since the beginning of the Donbass offensive.

But to this day, it is clear that, having covered a maximum of 15 kilometers in a straight line, the Russian strike lost its momentum. The Ukrainians managed to bleed and arrest the attackers, although, according to scattered reports, they also suffered heavy losses. Several days ago, no information had been received about other occupied towns in this area, although heavy fighting continued. On the contrary, the Ukrainians were supposed to throw the Russians a little further from the main road from Bakhmut to Severodonetsk, which, despite being bombarded with artillery, was still impassable. It is not certain whether this situation will continue for much longer.

The situation in the Donbass. As of May 30’s photo

Map with higher resolution

The effect, however, is that the Ukrainians do not seem to have to withdraw in a hurry from eastern Donbas. The danger of the defending forces being trapped there became even more remote. This does not mean, however, that it is unrealistic. In Severodonetsk, the easternmost point of resistance to the Ukrainians, the Russians are making significant advances. They had already entered more or less half of the city, although it was not certain whether they actually controlled that half of the city. The fighting will continue, but it seems that the Ukrainians, contrary to expectations, did not decide to defend themselves in Severodonetsk until they fell. Probably, they would prefer to go back behind the river Donets, which flows next to the city, where the hills are on the other bank and another city, Lysichansk.

Russian fire on Ukrainian sites with incendiary ammunition

On the other hand, the Russians achieved great success for the West at Shemash. It is the last major city and once an important crossroads, which was under the control of the Ukrainians and is located on the north bank of the Donets River. The Russians practically surrounded the town from three sides a week ago. Behind the backs of the defenders, only the forests and the Donets with destroyed bridges remained. After heavy artillery fire, the Russians were able to capture the city in two days. The Ukrainians withdrew without serious resistance. Everything indicates that they intend to hide behind the Donets and defend themselves using the river wherever possible.

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Elsewhere on the Donbass, the Russians have nothing to be happy about. Even in the Izyum region, allegedly occupied by one of the important cities two weeks ago, it turned out to be still in the hands of the Ukrainians. In addition, the Ukrainians launched a counterattack and regained control of another important town in the region, Wełyka Komyszuwacha. On the other side of the Ukrainian-controlled areas armyNear Donetsk, a threatening strike was temporarily stopped in the Avdiyivka region after the first successes. Fighting in this area is still going on, but it has been the same since the beginning of the war. Very limited progress on the ground, which cost the Russians relatively heavy losses.

The Russian T-80 was seized by the Ukrainians, the captured Russian T-64 was withdrawn

Elsewhere, Ukrainians are trying to

In the second major area of ​​operations, in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian counter-offensive clearly lost its momentum after its successes in early May. The Russians still cling to a belt ten kilometers or so wide the border. Over the past week, fighting has erupted in this area, especially in the area of ​​the village of Ternowa, which is currently under the control of the Ukrainians. However, the situation has generally stabilized. It is unclear whether this was due to Russian resistance reinforced by reinforcements or simply because of limited Ukrainian forces. Maybe a combination of the two. According to some sources, the Ukrainians will maintain their foothold, which they initially won, on the eastern “Russian” bank of the Donets River, in the Stary Saltyu region. This is an important thing for them, because it greatly facilitates a possible attack in the east on the back of the Russian troops fighting in the Donbass.

The situation in the Kharkiv region.  As of May 30The situation in the Kharkiv region. As of May 30’s photo

Map with higher resolution

On the other hand, the situation in the Kherson region has gained importance in recent days. For nearly two months, the ownership of the two sides there has not changed, not to mention the limited clashes over a few villages. The main form of combat was mutual artillery fire. But in recent days, the Ukrainians have begun the offensive they have long expected, which has mobilized forces in the region crooked angle. They hit almost halfway through the Russian-controlled area on the northern bank of the Dnieper. They crossed the only major terrain obstacle in the form of the Ingolic River and were able to advance even several kilometers forward in one place, to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe village of Kostrumka. But this is where the rapid progress ended.

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Russian sources claim that once the Ukrainian attack was well located and identified, it was mainly stopped by air and artillery strikes. By attacking, the Ukrainians had to get out from under their anti-aircraft canopy, that is, the positions of the missile launchers far from the front, which allowed Russian planes and helicopters to attack them more freely. When moving on a flat and treeless steppe, it was perfectly visible, which attracted artillery. The Russians had to use the reserves and keep the Ukrainians, at least for the time being. It is not clear what forces were involved in this attack, and whether it was something limited or just an introduction.

The situation in the Kherson region.  As of May 30th.  The Ukrainian counterattack is a blue arrow in the middleThe situation in the Kherson region. As of May 30th. The Ukrainian counterattack is a blue arrow in the middle’s photo

Map with higher resolution

If what the Russians claim is true, at least in part, it shows how difficult it is for the Ukrainians to regain their lands, compared to defending them. Attacking is always more difficult. Especially when you want to carry it quickly, strike deep in the enemy’s back and perform large-scale maneuvers. However, we still have to wait until we can assess whether or not this small success is over. By hitting this area, the Ukrainians will most likely want to reach the Dnieper River and the dam at Nowa Kachovka, which runs through the main Russian supply route in this area.

Ukrainian artillery hunts Russians in the Zaporozhye region

The last area of ​​the fighting is the front stretching from Zaporizhia to Donetsk. Here, the situation in general remained the same for two months. There are battles on a limited scale, however, that do not lead to significant changes in the area under control. Most of the time, both sides focus on mutual artillery fire. According to Russian sources, most of the front here is staffed with low-quality units of reservists and conscripts from Republics separatist. The Ukrainians will constantly shoot at them, causing great losses.

Zaporizhia, state as of May 30Zaporizhia, state as of May 30’s photo

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Map with higher resolution

No one won, no one lost

In general, the situation at the beginning of June seems to be more stable than it was a week ago. The Russians were still advancing forward in the Donbass, but again on the principle of slowly pushing the Ukrainians by using crushing artillery fire and concentrating overwhelming forces on specific areas. There is no longer any danger of a rapid collapse of the Ukrainian defense and a rapid retreat. Once again, we are dealing with a resolute, albeit not fatal, resistance as the Ukrainians repeatedly withdraw from their weak defensive positions.

This does not change the fact that the Ukrainian army suffers huge losses in this type of fighting. Mainly from artillery fire. President Volodymyr Zelensky himself admitted that every day between 60 and 100 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the Donbass and about 500 were wounded. Letters from sub-units appear regularly, complaining about the lack of supplies, the lack of weapons and the need to fight fierce battles with an opponent who has a great advantage in heavy equipment. Fortunately, on the other hand, there are also many such signs. Russian forces would bleed heavily from the attacks on the fortified Ukrainians, repeated over and over for more than a month.

The race is still the same to see who will suffer more heavy losses sooner. Those who would make up such an important part of the overall force would make it virtually impossible to continue attacking or defending. The fact that the Russians are constantly moving forward, slower or faster, does not make them winners yet. The fact that the Ukrainians suffer huge losses, and many of their cities in the Donbass have been reduced to ruins and are still returning lands, does not make them losers yet. If the Russians paid for their advance with such a tribute in blood and equipment that they would lose the ability to continue their offensive and would not achieve the initially stated goal of capturing the whole of Donbass, it would be akin to defeat. Especially since the bleeding there now makes them more vulnerable to counterattacks in the Kherson region, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv. In general, after more than three months of the war, which in a few days would have ended with the fall of Ukraine, it was difficult to call the slow and costly capture of part of the Donbass and the stalemate in other sections of the front in Russian. win over. Although far from the Ukrainian victory.

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