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The small Caribbean island has the largest volcanic eruption in its history

Following the eruption of the volcano four days ago, hot volcanic eruptions, volcanic eruptions and volcanic eruptions erupted on Monday along the shores of La Safrier volcano on the small Caribbean island of Sao Vicente.

Ash and smoke from La Saffrier volcano in Kingstown 4/4/2021 REUTERS / Robertson S. Henry

Photo: Reuters

La Sfrier erupted on Friday after decades of inactivity, pumping dark gray clouds 10 kilometers away, evacuating residents from the area via land and sea.

No deaths have been reported so far, but one-third of the island is isolated and in some communities the airspace is closed when water and electricity are uninterrupted.

Many of the islanders told Reuters it was difficult for them to get around on foot or in the car as the ash blocked the air and became like cement in contact with rain.

“We’m suffering from ashes, and sometimes it’s hard to breathe,” said Aria Scott, 19, who lives in the capital, Kingstown. “I didn’t go outside because I didn’t want to take the risk.”

Monday’s eruption, which occurred at 4 a.m. local time, was the most powerful to date, said Erosila Joseph, director of the Center for Seismic Studies at the University of the West Indies. Gray reaches rivers.

“We hope there will be more explosions in the next few days or weeks,” he said.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, with a population of over 100,000, have not experienced a volcanic eruption since 1979, when an eruption caused about 100 million damage. In 1902, the eruption of La Sofrier, meaning “sulfur store” in French, killed more than a thousand people.

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