June 19, 2021

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The solar eclipse on June 10 will also be visible from Poland

The solar eclipse on June 10 will also be visible from Poland

On Thursday, around noon, there will be a solar eclipse, which will be partially visible in Poland. Demonstrations of this phenomenon will be carried out in various places with the help of appropriately equipped telescopes. For safety reasons, the sun can only be seen through devices with appropriate filters.

  • On Thursday, June 10, it will be possible to observe the annular eclipse
  • The strip in which they can be seen will pass through Canada, Greenland, the Arctic and the eastern tip of Asia
  • The maximum duration of the annular eclipse phase is 3 minutes 51 seconds
  • The last total eclipse visible in our country was in 1954, and the next one will be in 2075.
  • More such information can be found on the home page of Onet.pl

In Warsaw it will start at 11:55, the maximum stage will reach around 0.20 at 12:54 and finish at 13:54. In other places, individual moments may vary by several minutes or several minutes. The largest stage will be visible in northern Poland, for example in Gdask or Szczecin, and will reach about 0.26. On the other hand, in the south of the country, the part of the sun covered by the moon will be the smallest, for example in Krakow, its maximum will reach about 0.14.