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The stages of learning German – every pole goes through these stages!

etapy nauki niemieckiego

News from Germany German language learning stages. German is a difficult language to learn for foreigners, and the path to fluency features milestones that any novice German speaker will recognize. Here are the seven stages of learning this language that every foreigner goes through.
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Learning German begins with… 1. Terorru

You have just moved to Germany and you are ready to start your new life. If you were excited and excited about learning German before, now you find yourself in a world full of long, confusing words with strange, unpronounceable symbols. You encounter long words like Ausländerbehörde, Aufenthaltsbescheinigung or Wohnungsanmeldung and slowly begin to learn a language whose words average 14 letters.

Stage two: determination

You sign up for a language course, arm yourself with grammar books and language learning apps, and progress quickly. You do realize that many German words have the same roots as their English cousins. Words and phrases are fixed in your head faster than you would expect. The flame of optimism began to rise.

The third stage: obsession

Encouraged by your new ability to introduce yourself, talk about the weather, and talk about your pets, you’ll learn more and more. You have vocabulary-filled sticky notes stuck all over the apartment, you have three tandem partners and Tagesschau flying 24/7 from your laptop. You are now officially obsessed with the German language.

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Stage 4: Experimentation

You already have a solid base of internal vocabulary and mastered the most important grammar rules. You can use cases in the nominative and the article with increasing ease, and use modal verbs regularly. Now you feel ready to test your new language skills in the big world. Are you no longer asking about Sprechen Sie englisch? (Do you speak English?) And try to communicate only in German instead.

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Fifth stage: frustration

Once you start gaining confidence in the language, you hit a wall. You spent an evening with German speakers or attended a meeting at work where you found yourself looking up vocabulary and getting stuck in grammar. You can’t remember if it was der, die, or das Licht, even though you checked it hundreds of times.

What is the point of this, you ask yourself. You want to give up and switch to speaking English permanently because everyone you meet seems to be fluent in English anyway.

Stage 6: Penetration

Not sure what happened, but it looks like something has changed. And suddenly, you can use correct past participles 90% of the time and use reflexive verbs with ease. People rarely turn to English when they talk to you, and you understand almost everything you see and hear. advice: Remember this feeling when frustration comes back to you in the future.

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You finish learning German in Step 7: Acceptance

You still make mistakes, don’t know all the words in the dictionary, and you still confuse der, die and das – but that’s fine. You have come a long way and come to terms with the fact that your German will never be perfect and that the learning process will last a lifetime. advice: The more language you use, the better. Read, talk and listen, and one day you won’t feel stressed anymore.

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