July 28, 2021

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The star's makeup artist confirms the wedding of Joanna Obozda and Antik Krulikowski.  He's a friend... Sandra Kubica

The star’s makeup artist confirms the wedding of Joanna Obozda and Antik Krulikowski. He’s a friend… Sandra Kubica

Joanna Obozda I Antik Krulikowski Since they recovered from a breakup due to an actor’s infidelity, they were reluctant to flaunt their love. They did not confirm their return for a long time, but over time they stopped hiding. During the crisis, they realized that they wanted to establish a serious relationship. The media received information that they were planning a wedding. As it turns out, this is true.

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Lovers planning a wedding

Joanna Obozda and Antik Krulikowski get married

These reports were confirmed by the star makeup artist. Harry Jefferson praised the contract on Facebook, thus revealing the bride’s secret:

It’s official! I’m doing bridal makeup for my girlfriend, Joanna OBOSDA! She loves the #glow we always make together because her glamor looks just right here. What do you think we will do for her wedding? Should it look more effective or more natural? Let me know – address the fans.

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Netizens started with their hints:

so be the same.

She is beautiful, always has impeccable makeup and creativity. You should feel special on your wedding day! But I was seeing Mrs. Joanna in a version of Contrast – something amazing, something powerful.

The question is, what will the dress be and what will the whole wedding be. Would you choose a modest one, or a more elegant one? My answer is: Ideally, she should have Harry’s permanent makeup on. Because at such a celebration there are a lot of feelings, including tears of happiness – they write.

So far, it is not known when Opozda and Królikowski planned the wedding date and venue.

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Kossakowski, WojciechowskaBorza on Instagram Kosakovsky. The journalist responded to the fan’s comment

If they don’t decide on a modest party, we can nevertheless assume that there will be stars and celebrities, both of whom have made lasting friendships with many. So, the list may include:at. Marina and Wojciech Szczęśni, Misiek Koterski, Antoni Pawlicki, and Agnieszka Więdłocha.