September 21, 2021

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The struggle of opponents and supporters of the vaccine in California

The struggle of opponents and supporters of the vaccine in California

“We are on site to maintain order after a fight broke out between Antifa and the people who had gathered at the event for which they were given permission. We have information about the man who was stabbed. Bandaged by firefighters. No arrests have been made so far, but (investigation – editor) ) Gary — Police Captain Stacey Spell said, citing the Los Angeles Times on Sunday.

Paramedics transported the injured to the hospital. It is not clear what his condition is.

Local KPCC Radio reporter Frank Stoltz, who was at the demonstration, tweeted that he had been “pushed, kicked and my glasses removed from my face by a group of men at a demonstration – in front of City Hall.”

Lat estimated that there were several hundred opponents of vaccinations. Dozens of vaccine supporters stood against them.

‘There is no safe place for fascists’

Anti-vaccine activists rallied under the slogan “Choose the march of freedom against medical tyranny.” The motto of the vaccinators, equal to the left, was “There is no safe place for fascists.”

According to NBC News, the violence coincided with California Governor Javon Newsom’s announcement last week that teachers and other staff who have returned to school will be required for vaccination certificates. This applies to both public and private schools.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles City Council voted through a bill requiring proof of vaccination to be presented before entering public places, including restaurants, bars, gyms, concert venues, movie theaters and stores.

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In California, 14,000 were registered on Friday. 099 new cases of coronavirus infection, compared to 10,000 infections that were recorded, 450 the previous day. This is the highest daily number of cases since February 1, 2021.

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