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The tank was 5 km away. Hit by a Ukrainian the first time – o2

The tank was 5 km away.  Hit by a Ukrainian the first time - o2

Ukrainian anti-tank weapons are very dangerous, as the Russians once again found out. One missile is enough to destroy a T-72 tank and kill the tankers inside.

In the video we can see the whole process. The Stugna-P anti-tank guided missile operator of the 128th Mountain Attack Brigade tracked the tank, which was close to the forest. Then set it as a target and send a missile towards it.

Video showing the power of Ukrainian technical thought

The tank was destroyed in the blink of an eye, as evidenced by the smoke that began to rise from the machine. The impressive video shows the moment the missile was launched, which flies in circular motions towards the target at a distance of 5 kilometers. The accuracy with which the Stugny-P trigger worked is amazing.

What is worth adding, the trigger was located a few meters from the location of the gun. It can be controlled from a certain distance, which is a very important difference if we compare the Stugna with other weapons of this type. Tanks have a missile warning system that tells you where they were launched from. In the event of a possible retaliation, only Stugna will suffer, while the soldier will survive.

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