October 19, 2021

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The UK is considering an alternative to a free trade agreement with the United States

The UK is considering an alternative to a free trade agreement with the United States

Johnson asked if there was a chance of a deal before the next general election, which should be held by 2024, saying “we will try to do this soon,” but did not want to give anything specific dates. Also, in the press release issued by Downing Street after the meeting with Python, only a brief, very general reference was made.

In addition, Biden did not reject the advice of then US President Barack Obama, who had said before the Brexit vote that Britain would fall at the end of the queue to sign a trade agreement if it left the EU. To us. Obama’s successor and Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, promised that Britain would lead the way.

Citing government sources, the British media reported on Wednesday that alternatives to Downing Street were being considered. “There are many ways to do this. The question is whether the US administration is ready for it. The ball is on the US side. There are two for Tango,” they were quoted as saying.

One of the alternatives is to try to join the USMCA, a trade agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, which in 2020 replaced the NAFTA North American Free Trade Zone Agreement. This will result in a significant reduction in fees for a large number of items. Another solution, instead of a comprehensive agreement, is a series of small deals to remove fees and barriers in the private sector, which Biden is said to want to do.

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“This growth clearly acknowledged a shift in strategy in trade, and for half a decade after the Brexit referendum in 2016, the UK-US trade agreement was a key foreign policy objective,” the Daily Telegraph notes.