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The Ukrainians sentenced him to death. “He was going to work when the explosion happened” – o2

The Ukrainians sentenced him to death.  "He was going to work when the explosion happened" - o2

Russian media did not reveal the details of the attack, which occurred on Wednesday. – This morning he left for work, was driving on the street and there was an explosion – RIA Novosti briefly reported. The Russians assert that the attempted attack on Torolov took place at a “busy intersection” behind the fence of an apartment building in the occupied village of Chernobaguka in the Kherson region.

His car was blown up, but the collaborator was not hurt, the adviser to the head of the Kherson military department Serhiy Chelan reported to the Ukrinform portal.

In turn, according to Russian media, the collaborator was slightly injured. They reported that no pedestrians were injured as a result of the explosion, but the shrapnel damaged several nearby buildings. RIA Novosti has published a video showing the damaged car.

Ukrainian Internet users strongly comment that this is the “first” attempt to assassinate Torolov. The Ukrainian Security Service announced in early June that it was suspected of collaborating. Traitors are threatened with imprisonment of up to 10 years with confiscation of property.

Yuri Torolov is the former head of the local bus station. As reported by Ukrinform, members of the Chernobyvka village councils of the Kherson region refused to cooperate with the Russian invader. Then Yuri Torolov voluntarily accepted the proposal of the invaders to lead the illegal government and took the position of the so-called head of the administration of the Chernobyvka regional group of the Kherson region.

Gauleiter is not only a supporter of the Ruthenian Prince [“rosyjskiego świata”]but also persecutes the pro-Ukrainian population of the municipality and illegally disposes of communal property, State Security spokesman Artem Dychtyarenko reported.

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