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The United States accuses China of lying. Diplomats were structured – o2

The United States accuses China of lying.  Diplomats were structured - o2

Xinjiang is inhabited by Uighurs or Chinese Muslim minorities. According to the BBC, people here live in dire conditions, are forced to work and are being held in re-education camps. According to the accounts of witnesses and survivors, torture was the order of the day.

The Americans accuse the Chinese of lying

David Meal echoed the sentiment of US diplomats. A spokesman for the US embassy in Beijing said that giving similar words to fellow citizens was not only immoral but also a great danger to them.

David Meal argued by referring to American diplomats by names and surnames The Chinese expressed that they were persecuted by people who were outraged at the underestimation of Uyghur rights. He also stressed that the Chinese government has an obligation to treat representatives of other countries with respect.

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Quotes compiled by the Chinese government appeared on social media on a website associated with the Global Times. It is a controversial medium due to the relationship between the editorial office and the Communist Party of China.

All the confusion about forced labor, genocide and human rights abuses proved to be a great way to break Xinjiang from the global industrial chain. It could be used to lure the Chinese government into a trap – a prepared statement that the Chinese are to blame for US diplomacy.

They were not invented by the Chinese government. It was a rare moment when words of truth were uttered by deceitful American officials. I expect an explanation – said Zhao Lijian, who was quoted in the Middle Eastern media as “Al Arabia” against the accusations of the Americans.

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