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The United States and Japan are beginning to collaborate on the production of 2nm chips. They want to cut off China

The United States and Japan are beginning to collaborate on the production of 2nm chips.  They want to cut off China

The United States and Japan are working together to develop production technology for the 2nm process. One of the reasons for this agreement is to ensure that intellectual property is protected from China.

Cooperation between Japanese and American companies and their governments is not so great. Japanese Economy Minister Koichi Hagiuda flew to the United States this week, acknowledging the problems needed for the joint development of future chip manufacturing technologies, and creating a solid supply chain to counter the problems coming from China. It is about independence from China on the one hand and protection against industrial intelligence, which is primarily faced by Taiwan on the other.

The US and Japanese governments have reached an agreement to manufacture and manufacture 2nm chips in an effort to exclude China from the technology.

It is not clear, or directly stated, which companies will participate in this collaboration, but we can speculate that on the US side Intel and IBM, as well as Nikon, Canon, Tokyo Electron, will not have all sorts of flaws. Japan has a strong base of purifiers and silicon scale manufacturers for the production of integrated circuits (hydrogen fluoride, photoresists). Another reason for the agreement is that TSMC will not build modern factories on the island of Taiwan. The company wants to have its most valuable factories on its premises, and facilities built in the United States will deliver chips in operation 10nm or earlier.

Cooperation between the United States and Japan can be seen as a strategic issue and a preparation for possible instability in the Chinese region. This also applies to relations between China and Taiwan, where there is a real risk of China attempting to take control of the island, which has already been threatened on several occasions by the Chinese government. As long as China’s IC production capacity lags behind, the risk will not diminish as neighboring TSMC plants grow.

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