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The United States condemns Belarus’ actions. The United States has resumed sanctions and announced their extension

The United States condemns Belarus' actions.  The United States has resumed sanctions and announced their extension

The United States joins Europe and is taking serious steps towards Belarus.

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Arlukovic: People fighting for democracy in Belarus can not be left alone

Conflict between the United States and Belarus. The United States is resuming sanctions

The United States has joined Europe in retaliating against Belarus. These include sanctions against Belarusian state-owned enterprises and the suspension of high-ranking representatives of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko and the agreement. United StatesBelarus About Air Transport Services. Jen Saki announced that sanctions would be extended.

The United States has condemned the arrest of a Belarusian journalist. “We demand release”

The arrest of the blogger is a key feature. The United States wants approval for the trial

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki called for a forced evacuation Minsk Ryanair machines and Belarusian journalist and activist Roman Pratasevich arrested “direct contempt for international norms”. He recalled that the incident took place during the rising tide of repression by the Lukashenko regime against a nation demanding democracy and human rights.

Zackie also announced that Washington would take further joint action against Minsk in NATO, the European Union, the G7 and the International Civil Aviation Organization. With the suspension of the 2019 Air Transport Services Agreement, the United States will restore full sanctions against nine Belarusian state-owned companies, and work with the European Union to prepare a list of Lukashenko government officials subject to sanctions. .

Also, Jen Saki called Lukashenko Agree to an international inquiry into the forced landing of planes, engage in full political dialogue with the Democratic opposition, including the release of all political prisoners and the holding of free and fair presidential elections.

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Alexander Lukashenko, President of BelarusEU-Belarus relations. Expert: Sanctions are finally firm

The air shutdown will severely affect the regime. Union leaders decided to ban lotw The European Union and travelers between Belarus and Brussels plan to introduce sanctions against Minsk. The head of the German Foreign Ministry assured the EU this time that soft sanctions would not be enough.

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