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The United States does not believe in a fair trial of WallyJove. The Russians were angry

The United States does not believe in a fair trial of WallyJove.  The Russians were angry

Continuation of corruption with participation Kamala Valijeva. It is suspected that the Russian figure used doping during skater training Olympic Games In Beijing. The day after the then 15-year-old contestant and his friends won the team competition, a positive came out As a result Her doping test. IOC Has decided that medals will not be awarded in the competition. An investigation has been launched into a young athlete.

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Americans doubt Walijeva’s honest investigation. The Russians respond angrily

After the Olympics, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency was tasked with investigating Valiyeva’s case. The trial was set to end on August 8. However, there is concern that the investigation may be conducted unfairly Russians. This is what the head of the Olympic and Paralympic Committee thinks Of the United States Sarah Hirschland, aroused by her intervention Vladimir Putin.

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– She brought this with her work Sports To the heights of true art. Such perfection cannot be achieved dishonestly, extra products, handling – The Russian president said this during a meeting with the Olympians in the Kremlin a few days ago. This included participants.Inside. Just Camila Valijeva.

“If he argues with Valieva before the trial is resolved, how can he be trusted.” Upright? Sarah Hirschland mentioned in an interview with the Washington Post. Report American women Caused outrage in Russia. Veronica Jojinova, leader of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), responded.

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– In its work, Rusada strictly adheres to the rules of regulatory documents, namely the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code and the international standards that govern the need to conduct confidential investigations. Athletes A protected person, further comments on the investigation process not only violate his rights, but also make it difficult Investigation – He said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The disqualification of Valijeva and the entire team of the Russian Olympic Committee would apply to the Americans. They finished second in the team competition Skaters Of the United States. Then Zloty Medals I will go to them.

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