September 23, 2021

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The United States has banned the wholesale of 77 Chinese companies

The United States has banned the wholesale of 77 Chinese companies

The list includes companies suspected of full-scale crime – from technology theft to human rights abuses and support for the militarization of the South China Sea.

Of course, he is responsible for preparing and implementing the list US Federal Trade Commission. The companies on the list he prepared operate in a generally understood field of technology, one of them One of the most famous drone manufacturers in the world – DJI TechnologiesAnd the International Institute of Semiconductor Manufacturing (SMIC). According to the Commission, for each of them Evidence of espionage has been found, and many are victims of human rights abuses By Chinese authorities, almost everyone supports the Chinese National Liberation Army in some way.

Wilbur Rose, secretary of the Commerce Commission, said: “We will not allow American technology to build up the military force of our adversaries.” In turn, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the United States to stop making life unfair to Chinese companies. They joined the list with the most popular name in Hawaii. Joe Biden takes office as president next month. Will the arrival of his administration change China’s attitude? It’s hard to say right now about it.

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Photo source: Lyon Rodriguez / Bexels

Text source: Neovin

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