October 21, 2021

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The United States has officially reopened the Paris Agreement.  In this case, the meteorologist changed the country's flag

The United States has officially reopened the Paris Agreement. In this case, the meteorologist changed the country’s flag

Returning to the Paris Agreement is one of Joe Biden’s priorities. The new president United States In this case he signed an order on the first day of his office. Now – a month later – it has come into effect.

The United States has returned to the Paris Agreement

Former President Donald Trump announced in mid-2017 that the United States was withdrawing from the agreement, but formally “no” him for only a few months – From 4 November 2020 However, they did so at an early date. They have not been able to do so for the first three years of the agreement (i.e. from 4 November 2016). When this period expires in early November 2019, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo immediately sent an official letter to the United Nations expressing his desire to withdraw from the agreement. After the required twelve months, the decision came into effect.

The Paris Agreement concluded at the end of 2015 at the Climate Summit. Its signatures were in almost 200 countries around the world. The purpose of the agreement is to stop climate change, which is leading to global warming. The agreement does not impose any specific action on countries (as the Trump administration has accused it of justifying its decision), but its signatories aim to control global warming so that temperatures can be as low as 2 degrees Celsius compared to the current era. Pre-industrial and reduce it to 1.5 degrees.

John Kerry announced his return to the deal on Twitter, the full power of the US president for climate affairs.

Today is the day. We have officially returned to the Paris Agreement – we are again part of the global climate initiative. No country can fight this struggle alone. We look forward to a fruitful and successful # COP26 year in Glasgow. Good to be back

– He wrote.

This is a good day in our fight against the climate crisis. The United States is once again a party to the Paris Agreement. We have already begun the process of reducing our emissions. We will not waste time, we will engage our partners around the world to create global regression

– US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen wrote on Twitter.

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The university changes the American flag

Unexpectedly, the British Reading University celebrated the return of the United States to the Paris Agreement. Climate Analyst Professor. Ed Hawkins Presented the flag of the United States, In which the white and red lines were replaced with lines indicating the warming climate in this country. The color of each path (top to bottom) indicates the average temperature in the United States between 1895 and 2020.


The increasing number of red lines and blue lines shows how fast global warming is progressing.

Like famous stars and stripes [potoczna nazwa flagi USA – red.] American represents freedom and unity, so climate stars and lines are a symbol of the influence people have already had on our climate wherever they are.

– Comments prog. Hawkins.

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