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The United States has overtaken Russia for the first time. They supplied Europe with more gas

The United States has overtaken Russia for the first time.  They supplied Europe with more gas

“This is the first month in history that the European Union imports more gas via LNG from the United States than it imports via a pipeline from Russia,” Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency, wrote on Twitter.

This is the effect of sanctions on the one hand, and the Kremlin’s active role in putting pressure on Europe through the “recent sharp cuts in Russian natural gas flows to the European Union” on the other.

Gazprom reduced supplies via the Nord Stream gas pipeline, and earlier stopped the flow of gas to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark, because these countries refused to pay for gas in rubles, RMF24 reports.

As we wrote in, LNG is anathema to Putin. Russia still lags behind in the LNG market and is still highly dependent on the gas pipeline network, The lowering of LNG costs by US shale is also damaging Russian interests for several years.

The advantage of LNG is the possibility of delivery from different places in the world to ports located throughout Europe. According to data from Gas Infrastructure Europe, We currently have 37 LNG terminals across the continent, 26 of which are located in EU member states.

There are about a hundred of them around the world. According to the BP report, 21 countries export LNG, and 43 countries have the infrastructure to receive it (as of 2019).

Fatih Birol noted that “low supply in Russia requires efforts to reduce demand in the European Union to prepare for the harsh winter.”

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