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The United States in the Microsoft Cloud

The United States in the Microsoft Cloud

Szczecin University has been recognized as a “University in the Microsoft Cloud”. In this way, American attention has given the largest university in Western Pomerania for many years to use the latest technologies in the process of management, teaching and research. Maritime University has this title as well.

The “University in the Microsoft Cloud” program recognizes and associates universities that use Microsoft tools and technologies in an exemplary manner in their scientific and research activities. The University of Szczecin has been using the Microsoft tool since 2014, when Office 365 was implemented, which is accessible to all students as well as members of research, teaching and administrative staff. In addition, students have the option to use Windows 10 Education software on their PC for their education.

Your achievements, which have contributed to the paradigm use of Microsoft tools and technologies in scientific, administrative and research activities, have made Szczecin University the university of the future. The digital tools that young people provide them with will allow them to gain the knowledge and skills to use their potential, pursue their passion, and spread their wings. The award promotes the highest quality of universities and allows us to join the group of the most innovative universities in Poland. Behind the title “Universities in the Microsoft Cloud is the work, passion and commitment of the academic educators and administrative staff for whom raising digital competencies and using modern tools in education is a responsibility and a mission” – we can read these words in a congratulatory letter from Microsoft.

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– We constantly strive for the highest level of security, and actively implement innovative solutions in accordance with the latest trends available in the market. Microsoft’s online services align with these aspirations and enable us to safely use public cloud technology in the educational environment. Time and time again, comprehensive and advanced security and compliance tools for the enterprise class have been shown to be extremely important and useful when implementing distance learning in our environment – says Rafai Skorasinski, Head of the University’s Center for Information Technology.

not everything. Thanks to the efforts of Prof. Kingi Flagi-Gieruszyńska, Vice Rector of Szczecin University Organization, the university has extended the contract with the edX portal until 2024. For Szczecin University employees, the Online Campus Essentials will be available for the next two years, which contains more than 150 online courses created by famous universities, such as MIT, Harvard or Berkeley, thanks to which employees will be able to develop their potential as well as raise their qualifications or develop their interests. Training in the program ends with a certificate.

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