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The United States invites you to the “Summit for Democracy”. There is Taiwan, not Hungary and Turkey

The United States invites you to the "Summit for Democracy".  There is Taiwan, not Hungary and Turkey

Inviting Taiwan to the summit with the participation of the rest of the world would provoke strong opposition from China, which sees Taiwan as a rebel province and an integral part of the Middle Kingdom, which cannot maintain international relations. The United States does not formally maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but plays a key role in providing modern weapons to the island’s military.

At the summit, the Middle East is represented by only two countries – Israel and Iraq

The list of participants in the “Summit for Democracy” prepared by the Foreign Ministry includes 110 countries (including Poland), the summit will be held on December 9 and 10 in virtual form. The purpose of the summit is to stop the transition from democracy in the world.

There are no anti-democratic regimes like China or Russia on the list of invited countries. Hungary, for example, was not invited to the summit.

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Taiwan’s call for a summit with sovereign nations comes at a time when China is putting more pressure on the world community to limit ties with Taiwan.

The Taiwan issue surfaced during a recent virtual meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden. Biden is said to have expressed “strong opposition to unilateral efforts to change the situation in the Taiwan Strait”. In turn, G assessed that Taiwan was moving towards formal independence and that its supporters and the United States were “playing with fire”. China has long insisted that Taiwan’s formal declaration of independence be a red line.

Writing about the Summit on Democracy, Reuters points out that it calls for “mature democracies such as France and Sweden, but also countries such as the Philippines, India and Poland”, where there are concerns about the state of democracy.

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Egypt and Turkey, US allies in NATO, were not even invited to the summit. At the summit, the Middle East is represented by only two countries – Israel and Iraq.



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