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The university sued the Biden government for imposing transgender practices

The university sued the Biden government for imposing transgender practices

The American College of the Osorics in Missouri’s Point Lookout has been classified as “controversial” in official media reports. It opposes LGBT and gender propaganda because it is constantly being removed from university walls.

In April, college officials sued President Joe Biden for imposing “anti-discrimination” laws on the federal administration, allowing men (who consider themselves women) to enter women’s dormitories and allow women to live in dormitories. The first hearing took place on Wednesday, while the attorney representing the university noted the case.

The government should and should not force schools to open girls’ dormitories to men based on the politically motivated and inappropriate redefinition of the word “gender,” said Julie Mary Blake of Alliance Defending Freedom.

Joe Biden and Policy Against Discrimination

The policy imposed by the state government comes from the Biden Order of January 20, which the President himself stated: “It is the policy of my administration to prevent and oppose discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.” The University notes that these terms violate the integrity of its religious worldview.

“The government abuse of the Biden administration will harm women, women and religious people by depriving them of legal protection, which must be stopped,” Blake insists.

The LGBT lobby wants to raise the “religious exception”

There is now a religious belief exception in the “Anti-Discrimination” Act (Chapter IX). Some time ago, an informal LGBT group filed a lawsuit against the federal administration (Hunter vs. Department of Education). “The aim is to support humorous, trans and non-binary students in more than 200 tax-funded religious schools that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity / expression,” the group said.

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The Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (on behalf of 180 institutions) launched a counter-attack and applied to the court to include its representative in the investigation. At the same time, the organization applied that the case be stayed for sufficient legal reasons.

Attack on trust and freedom of belief

LGBT campaigners are demanding the withdrawal of federal funding for universities that fail to comply with “anti-discrimination” policies. “This will prevent student selection in an unprecedented way … The withdrawal of financial aid, including Bell grants and federal research grants, will have a disproportionate impact on low-income and first-generation students and ethnic and ethnic minority students,” he commented. Committee Chair Shirley V. In Hookstra.

– Hope in a way [odbiegający od ideologii LGBT] It is not discrimination. In the United States, individuals are given the right to hold beliefs that others believe are wrong, but in reality they are protected by the Constitution. Different perspectives can and should live side by side, because that is the great American promise, Hookstra insists.

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