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The US is considering imposing additional sanctions on China to prevent it from invading Taiwan

USA rozważają wdrożenie dodatkowego pakietu sankcji (fot. Shutterstock)

The United States is considering imposing additional sanctions against China to prevent it from invading Taiwan, Reuters reported. According to the agency, the European Union has come under diplomatic pressure from Taipei.

US State Department: China to keep up pressure on Taiwan

US predicts China will continue campaign of pressure on Taiwan; They feel that Beijing’s rhetoric and actions on the matter are profoundly…

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Citing sources, Reuters writes that in both cases it was about imposing economic sanctions, It goes beyond measures already taken in the West to limit trade with China and Chinese investments in critical technologies such as computer chips and telecommunications equipment.

According to Reuters, the sources did not provide any details on what was under consideration, but the option of sanctions against the world’s second-largest economy and one of the largest links in the global supply chain raises questions about the feasibility of the idea.

What is the government doing in Taipei?

“There is a possibility of sanctions against China A very complex operationGiven the extensive involvement of the US and its allies in the Chinese economy, rather than sanctions against Russia, former senior US Commerce Department official Nassaq Nikaktar said.

Reuters recalls that talks in the United States about sanctions against China began after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February and became more urgent after China’s reaction to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

According to Reuters, the government in Taipei has already made contacts with EU officials on the matter, but has so far only asked for it. Europe is planning what to do if China invades Taiwan China should be warned that it will suffer the consequences of further attack

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