July 29, 2021

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The vaccinated elderly law plan to take to the streets against Bolsanaro wins the support of Jose Trojano

Jose Trojano. Photo: Playback / YouTube

Do I.G.:

“You Young To be inside House And excited grandparents “. That is the definition of a journalist Jose Trojano , 74 years old, about a possibility Expression Famous two The elderly Against the government Bolzano After receiving the second dose Vaccine Against Govt-19. The debate erupted on Twitter on Friday (26) following the announcement by economist Laura Carvalho that her mother was “organizing a demonstration with friends of the 1968 generation after the second dose”.

In an interview with the IG reporting team, the journalist said he would accept the demonstration until it took place after a full immunization cycle – a 15-day waiting period after the second dose.

“Since he started this idea, I found it interesting. Now, it’s better to wait for more people. It’s very difficult to go to the 90s and 80s. If we wait until June, more people will have taken the second dose. I did not take it and leave it to ‘perish’, but I liked the idea.

See the post below:

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