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The Voice of Poland 12. Wiktor Dyduła comments on the final results

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Wiktor Dyduła broke the silence and commented on the results of the 12th edition Poland’s voice. What did the finalist write from the Thompson and Barron team?

Final 12 of the program behind us Poland’s voice. The team members looked like jurors and coaches like this afromental, This is it Thomson I baronMarek Bikarczyk, Justina Stickowska, Her first appearance in this role Siluya Grzeszczak.

Saturday evening was full of emotions. Four participants fought for victory: Marta Bordenwich From Team Justyna Steczkowska, Victor Deduca From the Tomson team I baronaAnd Bartosh Madej From the team of Marek Bikarczyk Rafai Kosik from the team Siluya Grzeszczak.

Honoring viewers and winning the jackpot, The only woman on the line. However, a lot of people are betting on me winning the Thompson charge barona. Musicians commented on the results in an interview with our reporter. The same interested person was also tempted to comment.

Wiktor Dyduła comments on the results Poland’s voice 12

Many considered Wiktor Dydua to be the dark horse of liberation. Suffice it to say that his original single, Well, You Know I Miss You, was recognized by viewers as the best of the finalists’ show. How does the young musician feel after getting fourth place in Poland’s voice? He commented on the whole thing in an extensive post on Instagram.

Gee… I won’t be original! – Massive entry started.

Then send a thank you note.

First of all, I thank you for my beloved family and my beloved @esterandrosiuk, who encouraged me from start to finish, both in front of the TV and in the studio. You are lovable and I am so glad I can count on you!

Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout the programme. For messages, to vote, for applause and smiles in my direction. A fake mustache under his nose!! I never expected that so many people would like what I do and that I would make it to the finals! 👨🏻

I would like to thank the participants of the program for making a wonderful group of friends who charge each other with positive energy, thanks to which we did not feel that we were competing with each other. I know this is not the end and there are many musical adventures ahead!

There were also words of thanks to the coaches.

Of course, I would also like to thank my trainers @tomsoniziofficial and alekbaron for their trust and for noticing my potential, allowing me to experience this amazing adventure. Thanks to you, I was able to spread my wings. you are the best!
Ms @justynasteczkowska, Ms @sylvania_grzeszczak_official, Mr @marekpiekarczyk.official and I am so grateful for every tip, tip and compliment! I take everything very seriously and will keep it for the rest of my life!

It turns out, according to Wiktor, that people working in the back room have a significant impact on the well-being of stressed participants.

Of course, I would like to thank everyone who works with @voiceofpoland. You all really deserve a lot of respect for the sheer amount of work that was done during the show and for the behind-the-scenes jokes that put everyone at ease!
Nothing without you! And that’s it with you!
Fatiha Bass! Of course, not all of these beautiful performances would be super beautiful were it not for the excellent band led by the only band @pszonakrzysztof!

He also expressed his pride in the success of his first song.

I am very happy, full and proud to be able to present to you a piece of my creativity in the programme, which I had the honor to work on at hotel_torino studio with @patrykkumor and minuunim!

He also vowed to work on his own material and ended with a joke.

…I’m going to work now, because I want to present you my beautifully wrapped songs! see you later! Keep your fingers crossed for me, because now it will be needed more!

your mustache. ✌🏻

note. After all, do you have a hamster I can adopt and whose name is Chester? Now I have no choice!

The honest and passionate entry was greeted with enthusiasm.

Wiktor, without people like you, this program would be meaningless. Thank you for this wonderful adventure and this is just the beginning… – Books baron.

We wish Wiktor a lot of success.

Who is Victor Deduca?

Wiktor Dyduła is 24 years old and comes from the small town of Przywidz in the Pomeranian Province. He sings from a young age, because his family was famous for making music together.

For many years, he has also been posting covers on YouTube. The 24-year-old made his own versions of the works, incl. David Podsiadłyand Oasis, The Lumineers, Frank Sinatra, Cyndi Lauper, and Ralph Kaminski.

Wiktor Dyduła started his adventure in The Voice with the song drop Harry Stiles. In the following stages, he delighted both the spectators and the jurors. He sang his first song in the semi-finals You know I miss you, which is the most famous of all the works that first appeared in the final cycle of the twelfth cycle.

Poland’s voice 12 It’s not the first talent show that Dydua has had the chance to appear at. In 2017, he appeared in IdolWhere the blow sang weather jacket neighbourhood. It reached the second stage of the fifth edition.

On a daily basis, Wiktor Dyduła works as a waiter in one of the seaside hotels in Sopot, where he is known as singing waiter. In addition to music, he is also a fan of football.

Elwira Szczepańska

Polish philologist by education, editor by profession. CrossFit and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. Admire French cinema, Italian cuisine and Stanislaw Barriga’s films.

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